May 28, 2009

Did AT&T Push Care Bear to Victory?

Source: DListed
The Adam Fucking Lambert conspiracy continues!

The New York Times has parked itself on the grassy knoll to claim that AT&T dropped by several pro-Care Bear viewing parties in the Arkansas area to show those rednecks how to power text. Okay, I jest. Not every redneck is unfamiliar with texting.

So . . . power texting allows you to send 10 or more texts all at one time, just by pushing one button. Not only is this against the rules of American Idol (yeah, they do actually have rules), but with AT&T being the only wireless carrier that allows Idol voting texts, it's starting to look like we may have some sheningans on our hands.

Worse still for Care Bear fans, AT&T allegedly handed out their phones to Care Bear fans at these parties.

A rep for AT&T says (naturally) they did no wrong. They admit to being at several watch parties but claim "a few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested.” Oh, okay. So does texting tutorials = don't vote for the Overlord of the Intergalactic Galaxy or we will kick you out of Arkansas?

Nothing against Care Bear. He is cute and cuddly and he can sing. How can you hate on that?

But did AT&T and/or Idol pull sheningans to keep sparkly, magnificent Adam F. Lambert from prancing off with the Idol title this year?

In related news, Clay Aiken is most likely breathing a sigh of relief as the Lambertinis drop him like last year's Louis Vuitton and turn their rage to AT&T.

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