May 7, 2009

Don't Fail Me, America


The Scream O Death emitted from Douchey Geekey on Tuesday night did not earn him a pink slip. It should have. Oh, America, it should have.

We must join forces and unite to ward off the plague that is Douchey. Do not assume Adam F. Lambert has this thing sewn up. Do not assume Breakfast Club's votes will go to Adam. Or even Care Bear.

If you don't want Douchey in the final, vote for Care Bear AND Adam F. Lambert. Power vote. Power text. Vote and text until you can no longer feel the ends of your fingers. It will be worth it. Your ears will cry tears of joy and thank you later.

Send Douchey and American Idol a message. We're not gonna take it . . . anymore!


1 comment:

Love said...

The note was, indeed, bad. But I still love me some Gokey! (Sorry) If I voted, I'd vote for him (but you'll be happy to know that I gave up voting on that show a long time ago).