May 8, 2009

Prayers to Farrah Fawcett

O'Neal and Fawcett in happier times
Source: Yahoo News

This is sadness for a Friday.

Farrah Fawcett has been battling cancer for the last two years but her medical condition is apparently much more dire than has previously been let on.

Longtime partner and father of her son, Ryan O'Neal has told People magazine that Farrah is bedridden, can only speak a few words and has lost her famous golden hair. He also stated that her treatment has pretty much ended and she is being kept on IVs for nourishment.

I am not a doctor nor any type of medical professional but it seems that when no treatment is being administered and IVs are provided for nourishment, the end is very close.

"Access Hollywood" reported last night that Farrah's 91 year old father has been flown to L.A. from his Texas home in order to be at her bedside. It's also been reported in various other media outlets that Farrah's son Redmond has been allowed to leave the jail where he is currently serving time on a drug charge to spend time with her.

For me, Farrah will always be Charlie's Angel Jill Munroe. When I was little, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I even had the Charlie's Angels dolls and wanted the famous Farrah flip-do (although my dad had me get the Dorothy Hamill bowl cut).

Farrah managed to leave the stereotypical Jill Munroe behind, in my opinion, with her moving and emotional performance in The Burning Bed in 1985 - - a television movie that is still hard to watch, even today. And she did a great job, alongside O'Neal, playing convicted child killer Diane Downs, in Small Sacrifices.

Thoughts and prayers go to Farrah as well as the Fawcett and O'Neal families. She has always seemed like a trooper and I'm sure continues to be strong.


Anonymous said...

My love goes out to Farrah and her
Ryan and Redmond and her dad and all her friends and family!!!! May God give them all strength. God Bless you Farrah, your story is one of courage and America loves you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Farrah! For being strong and courageous to show the public what cancer patients have to go through with their emotional roller coaster and having to choose alternative treatments, outside of USA. It's a shame that you had to travel to Germany, six times to receive progressive alternative cancer treatments. What is wrong with our country's medical community? AMA and our insurance companies deny our cancer patients access to much more progress alternate cancer treatments which are commonly practiced in Europe? I hope your documentary will raise awareness for everyone. God bless, Farrah!

Anonymous said...

I think about you often and I'm praying for you.

My father had colon cancer. I refused to give up hope until there was no hope left. I prayed for my father to be healed of his cancer. In October of 2005, I had to give up hope. Jesus decided that He needed my Dad more than we did. I do have comfort that my father no longer has cancer, he was healed with a "perfect body."

Just like my Dad, I will not give up hope, until there is no hope left. I don't know what God's will is other than to lift you up in prayer for a healing. It is my hope that His healing will be on this earth.

No matter what, know that Jesus loves you so much, He suffered and died for YOU so that YOU may live! Our spirits will always be the most important part of us. And your spirit is beautiful!

May God bless you and heal you, body and soul.


Anonymous said...

We send you healing light from our hearts! Your courage and grace have so very much touched our souls. The image of your hand holding the Blessed Rosary, of your devotion in prayer, will always remain in our minds. You are a Real Angel, Farrah, and please know many people everywhere are praying for you and with you, so you may heal completely. God bless you and all in your family always!

Nomad said...

Farrah did a great job filming this documentary; she didn't do it for herself but to help others who are going through the same thing