May 28, 2009

The Tides Are Finally Turning on Katie

Katie and Suri at American Idol
And it's about damn time!

If you watched the final performances on American Idol last week, you saw that Tom unchained Katie, let her out of the dungeon where he keeps her with his many copies of Top Gun and Cocktail, and sent her and Suri on over to the show on their spaceship. As usual, Suri had her ears covered and looked completely uncomfortable. As usual, Katie smirked and stared vacantly into space.

Cindy Adams' column from The New York Post reported that not everyone was pleased that the Robowife showed up with her tot in tow.

Katie Holmes, obviously loving cameras and spotlights, shlepped her 3-year-old
to last week’s “American Idol” finale. The fans were shrieking. The paparazzi
were hyper. The kid was shaking. Watching this, Ivana Visnjic, artist wife of
actor Goran Visnjic, volunteered a lesson in motherhood with: “What are you
doing? This is no environment to bring a baby! You’re traumatizing this baby.”
Holmes promptly left.

I don't know exactly who Ivana Visnjic is but I flove her. That woman has balls to make the alleged wife of the Mini Messiah run from the Idol studios. God love her. And I do know that her husband is a sexy beast, so kudos to her.

It's about time Katie is taking some flak for her increasingly lenient and weak parenting skills. I know it's easy to be an armchair quarterback, blah, blah, blah, but let's be serious. Ever since Tom and Katie's over the top Italian wedding, they have pimped Suri out for all she's worth. And Suri has shown time and again that she doesn't like the media attention. Sure, some celebrity kids seem okay with it, some wave and smile. Suri does not. She hides her face, covers her ears, cowers and even cries. Normally while her parents are smiling for the cameras, completely oblivious (or uncaring) to her discomfort.

I know the TomKat PR-flunkies have claimed that Suri loooooooooves American Idol. Okay, so let her watch the show on t.v. at home, where she is not surrounded by paparazzi shouting her name and extremely loud noises.

And while we're knocking Katie for her apparent lack of parenting skills, why not keep the kid on a schedule? I know Suri is a "strong woman" who is apparently just an adult trapped in a child's body (per L. Ron Hubbard's b.s.) but is it really necessary that Tom and Katie bring her when they go to a late dinner at some media-infested hot spot? Didn't think so.

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