June 2, 2009

Has Suri Ever Met a Fruit?

Besides Dada Cruise, that is.

All snark aside, I mean has this child ever eaten (publicly) an apple, a banana or heck, even a granola bar?

This most recent picture was taken within the last couple of days and besides being ridiculously staged while trying to look totally candid, it continues a cycle of seeing Suri eating sugary, unhealthy junk food.

I'm not saying that having sweets on occasion is bad. I certainly do love my Butterfingers or 100 Grand bars now and then. But is it really healthy to (at least publicly) give your child nothing but sugary treats? (Especially a child that if brought up according to L. Ron Hubbard's crazy ass Scientology standards was "nurtured" on a diet of barley water). Look at how thin Suri is - - she doesn't have a bit of baby chub on her, and hasn't for some time.

Hey, Katie. Maybe you should put down the ever-present Blackberry and encourage your kid to try some raisins, an apple or even dry Cheerios. And for the love of God, please dress her like a child instead of a 2 1/2 foot tall Manhattan socialite!
Ah, to be Suri Cruise's future dentist or therapist. I can smell the millions already.

Just some snaps of Suri taken over the last year or two, minus anything remotely healthy (and including a shoe):

Source of photos: Hollywood Insider

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