June 3, 2009

Is Brangelina Done?

Source: jaunted.com
And if so, why do we care so much?

According to The National Enquirer, the greatest love story of the century (other than TomKat) and spawning the greatest number of children (other than in the Mia Farrow household) has run its course. Gasp! Brad and Angie have actually split!

Some unnamed (aren't they always unnamed) source claims that the split is "official" (the difference being?) and that Brad and Angelina will make appearances together from time to time (like Prince Charles and Princess Diana?) and he will meet up with the kids whenever his schedule allows.

That sounds suspicious to me. Brad seems to be very much into his kids and it sounds pretty cold to make it sound like Brad is organizing business meetings with them.

I'm not sure that Brad and Angie are truly broken up right now - - they do spend quite a bit of time apart due to their filming schedules and I do think at some point the relationship will come to an end. Mainly because Angie's track record isn't great and they did meet and become involved while Brad was still married, whether he and J.A. were truly and actually separated at that time or not. (And isn't that what all married people say when they get involved? The marriage is always "over in everything but name" or they are always "actually separated at the time").

The National Enquirer has had a spotty record in the past but they do tend to nail things as well so I guess we'll have to see how this plays out.

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