June 25, 2009

Is it the End of the Dream?

Source: ScreenRant.com
For all the TomKat fans left out there (yes, all 11 or so of you), you might want to get yourselves a big vat of Haagen Daz Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to dive into and soothe away your distress at the thought of the most amazing couple ever to use amazing more times than Websters living on separate coasts.

No, not an "official" announcement yet but seriously . . . am I the only person around that thinks these two hate each others' asses?

Sooooo . . . apparently there's a doorman in New York (block of west 12th Street in the Village) that should probably be watching his back for an angry little leprechaun in 5 inch sneakers and atrocious pit stains who may not be happy that said doorman is blabbing that Mr. Cruise purchased a brownstone at 42 W. 12th for his mousy missus.

The 8,100 square foot digs were bought for a mere $15 mil by an LLC and confidentiality agreements changed hands so the buyer(s) obviously wanted to keep things hush-hush.

Truth be told, the doorman may not have said that the buyer was Mr. Cruise in so many words, but according to The Village Voice, he did say that the buyer wouldn't be in New York much as he would be filming in L.A. a lot and he bought the house for his wife, who was in a Broadway show. Hmmm . . .

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