June 3, 2009

Is Melissa Joan Hart a Colossal Bitch?

Source: DListed
I never watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch but Melissa Joan Hart always struck me as a fairly down to earth, likable kind of person. Surprising then to read today that MJH was overheard at L.A.'s KTLA studio telling someone that she hoped Farrah Fawcett wouldn't die and knock her off the cover of People magazine.

MJH was promoting not only her People cover ("How I Lost 42 Pounds!") but her newest business venture, a candy/yogurt store called "Sweetharts".

Even if MJH made the comment in a lighthearted manner, just in jest, it seems incredibly tacky and rude. Is she really so desperate for the cover of People, for heaven's sake, that she would make such an offensive comment about someone dealing with cancer?

If so, shame on MJH and I hope this comes back to bite her in her newly 42 pound-less butt by having what is left of her career fizzle.

Even if said jokingly I hope that MJH has the decency and respect to apologize to Farrah Fawcett. Shame, shame.

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