June 19, 2009

Johnny Depp, Sigh

Really, doesn't the title just say it all?

As you should know, Johnny Depp's new movie Public Enemies opens on July 1. Enemies did most of its shooting in Chicago and, as such, had a big premiere in Chicago last night.

Most of the awaiting crowd were calling for Johnny. Of course they were. Johnny greeted the crowd, starting with the back of the line, taking photos, and chatting with people that had spent hours waiting for just the chance to see him, much less meet him. He spent so much time, in fact, that the start of the movie was delayed.

This is one of many reasons I love Johnny Depp so much. Johnny Depp is humble. Johnny Depp appreciates his fans. Johnny Depp is grateful that people want to see his movie. Johnny Depp believes he owes it to people who spend hours waiting in line to see him and his movie a little bit of his personal time.

So, so, so many actors/actresses/so-called celebrities could learn so, so, so very much from Johnny Depp. Besides the obvious talent, this is why Johnny Depp will never, ever be a flash in the pan.

Love him.

Remember, Public Enemies opens on July 1. Go see it and support Johnny Depp. Reward him for his kindness and generosity.
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