June 8, 2009

Megan Fox Needs to Shut Up For the Good of Humanity

Source: backseatcuddler.com

I'm not a man but I suppose I can understand the attraction of Megan Fox. In my opinion, she is a poor man's Angelina Jolie (in your face sexual with a lot of tattoos), only less intelligent and with less (screen) talent.

With Transformers 2 coming out this summer, she's making the rounds of the interview circuits and for the good of everyone, I think she should just keep her mouth shut. Homegirl is stupid - - or S-T-U-P-I-D as Aminat from America's Next Top Model would say.

To GQ (UK), she said that all actors are basically prostitutes and she thinks it's "gross" that she gets paid millions to basically make out with a series of guys. What I notice is that, like massive dickhead Sean Penn, she doesn't claim to turn down the paycheck of such a "gross" job. And anyone feel free to correct me but last time I checked, Megan Fox wasn't being forced to be a prostitute, I mean actress, against her will. Technicalities.

You know, I really hate celebrities that try to act enlightened and like they are somehow so much smarter than the rest of the general population (particularly when many of them barely finished high school, much less any higher education). Aforementioned dickhead Sean Penn is a master at this. Ditto Tom Cruise. Add Megan Fox to the list. If she is so grossed out by what she does for a living, then quit. It's not a difficult solution.

So Professor Fox also goes on to say that she found Sex and the City: The Movie "tragic", that Hollywood comedies are "total garbage" and that "fame doesn't mean anything because anyone can be famous".

I have no idea why she found Sex and the City tragic because I loved it, but she is an idiot so I'll let that one go. True, some Hollywood comedies are indeed garbage but I think she's making the comment because she's primarily known as the sexy girl in action movies. Maybe Ms. Fox got turned down for a comedy? And that last statement is golden with irony. I think that pretty much describes Megan Fox's fame to a T.

She also goes on to push for legalization of marijuana and openly state she smokes weed. Personally, Megan Fox seems to be one of those type of people who smoke weed because they think it's cool - - the same reason she probably gets all her fugly ass tattoos. She wants to be seen as this cool, hard chick - - you know, don't hate her because she's pretty.

If Megan Fox's publicist has half an ounce of brain function, he or she will shut Megan down immediately. Let her pose for her cheesecake pictures (because, really, isn't that all she's good for?) and otherwise, tell her to shut her piehole.


Anonymous said...

so true. every single word.

Madison Lee Lett said...

I agree with you 100%!! Check out my blog at madisonleelett.blogspot.com I think you'll agree with me too ...