June 2, 2009

Prince Harry is Sex on a Stick

Source: socialitelife.com

I almost feel dirty for typing this . . . almost. After all, I was something like 15 years old when he was born but damn . . . if he hasn't turned out quite the hotness.

Remember when William was the hotness? Remember when William was the one the girls screamed over and Harry was just the gangly younger brother? Now William appears to have settled into premature middle age and Harry brings the hotness just by talking, breathing, you name it. (And nothing against William because I think honestly he is a decent, stand-up guy who just happens to be the next King of England).

Harry was in New York last week, for his first official visit to the United States and only his second visit to our country (the first was with his mother when he was young). He visited Ground Zero, laying a memorial wreath and observing a silent and moving moment, he visited the Harlem Children's Zone and played polo at a charity event ($50,000 per table? Okay, if I had that kind of money to blow, I'd probably pay it to, just to be in the vicinity of Prince Hotness).

Harry has fucked up in the past so there is no doubt this trip was in part to help reform his image. Fine by me. Put him in a suit, a polo outfit, whatever. Let him bring the sex-ay and all is forgiven (wink wink).

Source: socialitelife.com

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