June 30, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Source: blackorwhite.nl
It's been nearly a full week since Michael Jackson died and I have refrained from posting about it because I really didn't have anything of note to say. I felt the typical sadness you feel when you hear of someone who dies too young, but honestly . . . I wasn't surprised that Michael Jackson had died of a relatively young age.

Last Saturday, I caught about an hour or so of nothing but Michael Jackson videos, interviews and clips on something like MTV or VH1. That was when it hit me. Tremendous, heavy sadness.

Sadness over the loss of the Michael Jackson that was never allowed to be. The genuine little boy with the musical and dancing talents that was estinguished by family demands, the pressures of superstardom and the various enablers that accompanied him throughout the years.

Watching his old videos it's hard to reconcile that Michael Jackson with the veiled, phobic Michael Jackson of recent years.

I hope and pray that Michael Jackson finds the peace in death that he was sorely robbed off in life.

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becomingkate said...

He was a tortured soul, and he paid for his mistakes with the highest price. Still, I feel more relief than sadness, and that IS sad.