June 3, 2009

"Sean Penn is a Dick" Stories are Still Coming

Source: contactmusic.com

I swear, I think I could practically devote my blog to "Sean Penn is a dickhead" posts and make it just fine. Or at least "(Fill in the blank with a celebrity name) is a dickhead".

But let's get back to the King of Dickbags. Mike Walker from The National Enquirer (again!) is claiming that when King Dickbag left his wife Robin back in April to file for divorce (again!), he told her the old song and dance about how things weren't working out (amazing how that happens when one spouse is putting his penis inside someone else's vajayjay) and he could envision himself meeting someone new and starting a new family with them. Allegedly, Robin was so pissed (and rightfully so) that she took off her wedding ring and threw it at him. (He got off lightly, in my book). King Dickbag then told Robin that she was acting like a child.

Oh now that's rich. Robin is acting like a child? What a douchey move.

Granted, this is coming from The Enquirer so take it with a grain of salt and all that . . .but I believe it. Penn has proven himself time and again to be one of the least well-mannered, respectful and polite celebrities out there and he certainly appeared to attend the same monogamy/fidelity/faithfulness class that Charlie Sheen was/is a member of. I could totally hear him saying something this unkind and thoughtless to his wife and I could also see him trying to turn it around and make her the immature, assy one regardless of her response.

I suggest that next time Robin pick up a kitchen utensil and hurl that at her mouthy spouse the next time he makes such a fucktard remark. Then call me, girlfriend, and I'll help you spend half his money.

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becomingkate said...

I really like Robin, too. Hope he gets his shit together!