June 8, 2009

Susan Atkins Gets Another Parole Hearing

Source: latimes.com
Convicted murderer, Manson follower and blood lover Susan Atkins has been granted another parole hearing date, after the May 29, 2009 hearing was postponed. Unofficially, it's been rumored that parole hearing officers were unavailable at the end of May but that sounds a little sketchy to me. Atkins is reportedly terminally ill with brain cancer, bedridden and with one leg amputated. I would guess the Parole Board is hoping that before the new date, Atkins will be off to meet her maker, so they won't have to make a decision that is going to either inflame her supporters or her detractors.

Her new hearing date is September 2.

I still stand by my earlier assertions that life in prison should mean just that - - life in prison.

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