June 22, 2009

They Make It So Easy

Ah, life's sweet mysteries. How Katie Holmes continues to grow while her husband shrinks. Where Tom buys his man heels. Why these two are still in the news.

Regardless, I'm grateful because they give me so much snark. Take this, for instance. Tom and Katie at "their good friend" Cameron Diaz's Hollywood Star ceremony. Yes, ceremony. Tom and Katie are decidedly casual, no? Did Katie forget to set her alarm clock because homegirl looks like she didn't wash her hair, much less brush and style it. So maybe she's going with the understated, less is more approach. Still, no excuse for wearing a pair of pants that is suffering from water stains, rinse cycle rippage and the crime of being two sizes too small. Look, Katie, your arms may be a size zero but those legs sure ain't.

And doesn't Tom look thrilled to be there? Reminds me of the good old days when Prince Charles was such a peach in public with his bride, Diana. After both of them were cheating and after the media clearly took her side. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Interesting that Tom and Katie are at a ceremony honoring one of the people that comes close to the two of them in my book as far as sheer annoyance goes. Back in the day (when There's Something About Mary came out) I liked Cameron Diaz for a quick minute. But then homegirl got all uppity about her "fame" and her "craft" and started to get a reputation for preaching to people of questionable tastes (otherwise known as her fans) as to why they should not ask her or any other celebrity for an autograph and this was before she started dating that equally annoying shit Justin Timberlake. Ugh.

Cameron Diaz is annoying, yes. But I'm sure homegirl was even saying "What the fuck are they doing here?"

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becomingkate said...

I'm fairly certain that Katie has been asked to wear heels, just so that every time, Tom can go "haa haa" to Nicole Kidman.