June 2, 2009

Was Susan Atkins' Parole Hearing Postponed?

Source: wikipedia
I can find no news on Susan Atkins' parole hearing, which was scheduled for May 28, 2009. It seemed likely that parole would once again be denied, but I would think that would be reported to the news outlets. Had Atkins been given parole, there is no doubt that would have been a huge news story.

I have found one tidbit, located on another blog, that claims that Atkins' parole hearing was postponed, but without mentioning a reason or if the hearing had been rescheduled.

In searching for any news on the parole hearing, I found Atkins' official website and, despite myself, I browsed thru it, particularly the section on debunking the myth of Helter Skelter. I must say that Ms. Atkins is a manipulator of the highest degree. Whether or not she personally dealt the fatal blow to Sharon Tate is arguable but for Atkins to claim that she not only froze on August 9, 1969 but lost her knife in the Tate-Polanski residence and did not stab anyone is disingenuous at best. I would laugh but it's sickening to the memory of her victims for her to claim such a thing. For the record, she claims that the jailhouse confessions she made to several women (wherein she claimed she told Sharon Tate she had no mercy for her, personally stabbed Sharon to death, tasted her blood and wrote in Sharon's blood on the front door of the residence, as well as wanting to cut the baby out and having a real love in her heart to do this for people) was made in order to ward off homosexual advances. Sure, Susan. We really believe you.

You know, I would find Susan Atkins a lot more believable if she admitted what she did and either expressed remorse or went the Charles Manson route and claimed she had none.

This to me is why she shouldn't be released. Nearly forty years later and she's still a manipulative liar.

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becomingkate said...

I haven't followed the case, but remember the book. I read it so many years ago!

Personally, I think they all had issues that should keep them in jail for life.