July 11, 2009

Bitch . . . PLEASE

You probably know, thanks to that ubiquitous "source" (aka Tom Cruise) that Katie Holmes is appearing on the July 23rd episode of So You Think You Can Dance, ostensibly in a "tribute" to Judy Garland. I think "butchery" is probably a more accurate description than "tribute" and this entire thing reeks of a disgusting publicity stunt.

As if blackening Judy Garland's name and reputation by having Katie Freaking Holmes, of all the damn people in the entertainment world, represent her isn't enough publicity for the publicity friendly Ms. Holmes, now we have Ms. Holmes' choreographer making the following public comments:

“The thing that is so awesome is that you won’t know, you don’t know what to expect … but then when you sit and watch it, it’s amazing. Amazing! And it’s not something in my opinion that’s just going to be like ‘oh, how nice.’ It’s not going to be that … ‘oh, look how sweet that is.’ No, it’s real. It’s as real as what you’re seeing now. I’m very proud of it, so I talk really highly of Katie. You get to know someone and their talents and their personality (and) being in my position that’s my job to see and figure out who is ready and how to do it and how to get there. And I have been with Katie for so long now and I was like, ‘yeah, you’re ready, let’s do it.’ I could see the magic. I could see the truth in her talent, and she believes in herself too, so it was all coupled together. Katie reminds me of that MGM Hollywood movie star. Her looks and her essence … she stands there and you’re like ‘what?’ and when you see the way she looks … she looks like she could be on the stage at the Oscars. She’s amazing. (Her performance) it’ll come out of nowhere. It’s Oscar winning!”

Excuse me? First, Mr. Diorio, no television performance, no matter how brilliant, whether it be song, dance or acting, can earn anyone an Oscar. An Oscar is reserved only for film performances. Something Katie Holmes' husband should know, as he's been shut out of one several times. Secondly, Katie Holmes couldn't legitimately buy herself an Oscar because she's so lacking in serious theatrical talent. Let's be honest. The closest Katie Holmes will get to an Oscar is seeing her husband's former wife's Oscar, or his former girlfriend's Oscar.

And is Mr. Diorio seeing the same person I am seeing. Granted, I don't see Katie Holmes in the flesh. Thank God, because the photos the media takes are fright inducing. How this sallow skinned, greasy haired, unattractive woman could ever be seriously compared to the looks and essence of an MGM Hollywood movie star is beyond me. Katie Holmes, in my opinion, is a pale imitation of a C-list MGM Hollywood movie star - - and that's being generous.

How long is Tom Cruise's publicity machine going to continue to churn out "Katie Holmes is amazing" stories? She's not. She has not proven herself worthy of any of this publicity. Short of marrying Cruise, and having his alleged biological child, what exactly has she done of note? The last big film she was in was four years ago - - and she was considered the weakest link, miscast and out of her league. Her "comeback role" of last winter fizzled like a dud firework. Her big Broadway debut last fall was met with lukewarm reviews and little excitement. Her upcoming role in the film "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" promises to be merely a supporting one - - the frightened girlfriend of the father of the girl being haunted. Doesn't sound like an Oscar calibre performance to me.

Enough already. Katie Holmes has overstayed her 15 minutes of fame - - just as her fake marriage has overstayed its welcome. End both of them. Please.

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