July 30, 2009

But of course . . .

So not surprising. Kim and Big Poppa are no longer together on "The (Un) Real Housewives of Atlanta". It's very disappointing they didn't show Kim from the reunion show last season, proclaiming that Big Poppa was leaving his wife and he and Kim were going to be TOGETHA! FOREVA!

More surprising in Kim news is that this crazy delusional ho wants to start a wig business. She attended all of 5 minutes at a cosmetology school (during which she thought about lunch and then dinner) and decided that she didn't need to know all about hair in general, just wigs. That makes perfect sense if you're Kim. Besides, she would just hire people who know what they're doing.

Well, really, isn't that what Sheree did last season with her She by Sheree line? She didn't design the clothes, she didn't make them or sew them, she simply wanted to run a business and leave the heavy lifting to people who knew what they were doing.

I had no idea starting and running a business was so easy.

Anyhow, Sheree seemed to have mellowed and perhaps become a little bit nicer - - despite the fact I think she's full of crap claiming that she was evicted from her Sandy Springs home because she didn't realize her ex-husband wasn't making the mortgage payments. Please.

Until she practically gave her event planner Anthony a beat down. Really? Who does stuff like this? How can you claim to be one of Atlanta's elite while telling a professional during a dispute "eat me"?

As far as the rest of the Ho'wives - - Lisa and Ed are considering having another child. Yawn. Lisa still wants nothing to do with Kim or her ratty wig. NeNe has moved into a larger house, neighboring Lisa's and has cut her hair even shorter. Just don't get a wig from Kim, NeNe! Dwight is back and he finds NeNe's interior design "dreadful". New Ho'wife Kandi used to be in a group, she writes songs and she's engaged to some dude with 6 kids. Yawn.

From the previews for the upcoming season it looks like NeNe meets her biological father, Kim tries singing again, Kandi cries to her mom, Sheree and Kim get into it, Lisa starts her own fashion line and Sheree is pissed because Lisa is unfashionable and obviously copying her. Let the good times roll!

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