July 27, 2009

Katie Cries Fire

Source: Yahoo

In case you missed it last week, Katie "My Marriage is a Sham" Holmes made an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance, ostensibly to pay tribute to Judy Garland and benefit the Dizzy Feet Foundation but more likely to pay tribute to herself and benefit her future after Tom cancels her contract. The feedback was less than positive - - mainly because Katie's reps billed her performance as some second coming of Christ and it was, shall we say, less than overwhelming?

So Nigel Lythgoe got his panties in a bunch and Twittered in Katie's defense (and his too, since he basically gave the green light for this untalented Xenu-lover to appear on his show), even threatening to ban some Twitter followers from his show due to their negativity. Wow, Nigel - - temper tantrum much? Why can't he understand people are upset not because they expected Katie to be a great dancer, although that's what we were spoon fed, but because she was appearing on a dancing show and giving the most uninspired performance, even after reported "weeks" or even "a year" of training and practice?

When is the Holmes/Cruise camp going to realize that if a pig is a pig even dressed in silk, that an untalented twit is still an untalented twit, even if faux-married to Tom Cruise?

With all the negativity and backlash, what's a famewhore to do? Drum up some sympathetic publicity with a fake near death story, of course!

Just like clockwork,reports came out from Melbourne (where Katie is filming Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) that Katie narrowly escaped injury when the battery of a car she was filming inside of exploded, sparking smoke and fumes before catching fire.

How convenient. She was almost hurt and that makes the news? And right after she got her ass handed to her on a silver platter, with a handwritten note saying "What the fuck?" by all the SYTYCD fans?

While it is possible that a battery may have exploded, I seriously doubt Katie was in any type of danger. If the battery did indeed spark smoke and fumes, that certainly would give you the heads up something isn't right and to get out of the car.

Frankly, I doubt there was any type of smoke or fumes at all. This movie set is closed to the general public so it's unlikely a mere minion would have seen this and released the story to the press. It smacks of the "Tom Cruise is a hero" stories that Pat Kingsley fed the press back in the 90s.

I'm not buying it. Nice try, Holmes-Cruise camp.

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