July 29, 2009

One Book

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I saw this list over at The Bluestocking Society (http://www.thebluestockings.com/) and thought it would be fun to fill out:

One Book You're Currently Reading: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Okay, I'm ten years behind the times . . . but better late than never.

One Book That Changed Your Life: Life on the Other Side
Sylvia Browne's version of heaven leaves no fear of death or dying

One Book You'd Want on a Deserted Island: The Complete Works of Jane Austen
Maybe then I would be able to finish Mansfield Park?

One Book You've Read More Than Once: Helter Skelter
The grandaddy of true crime books, the story is just as frightening today as it was in 1969

One Book You've Never Been Able to Finish: Mansfield Park
As much as I love Pride and Prejudice, I just cannot get thru MP.

One Book That Made You Laugh: Historical Cats
Okay, it is a cartoon-like book but cat lovers will appreciate it

One Book That Made You Cry: Bid Time Return/Somewhere in Time
The first movie obsession I ever had, this movie and book got me interested in time travel

One Book You Keep Rereading: Pride and Prejudice
I reread this generally every year and it's still as fresh and witty as it was during the first read

One Book You've Been Meaning to Read: The Picture of Dorian Gray
The old movie was fabulous and I'm trying to add more classics to my reading list

One Book You Believe Everyone Should Read: Rebecca
As far as gothic mysteries go, this one is near perfection

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