July 16, 2009

Ryan O'Neal is a Pig

Source: People
And so is Alana Stewart.

Why? Because, according to In Touch, the pair were busted having sex in a room next door to the gravely ill Farrah Fawcett. O'Neal was supposedly engaged to Farrah and Stewart was supposedly a long-time friend.

What makes this little scenario worse is that it was Farrah's father who walked in on the pair.

Let's say for argument's sake that O'Neal and Stewart were comforting each other and Farrah knew all about it. Let's even say she was fine with it. We're not talking about two teenagers here - - O'Neal and Stewart are both over 60. If they absolutely just had to give in to their impulses, why not go get a hotel room? Or go to Stewart's home? Or O'Neal's?

Imagine being Farrah's father, coming to visit his terminally ill daughter - - perhaps knowing this may be the last time he sees her. And to see his daughter's longtime companion, who has publicly professed to be so in love with Farrah, humping Farrah's so-called best friend like a dog in heat.

There are no words. Shame on O'Neal and Stewart for being so disrespectful to Farrah's father and to Farrah herself.

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