July 30, 2009

The (Un)Real Housewives of Atlanta are Back!

Photo Source: DListed

That's right, fans! Sheree and her delusions, Kim and her extensions, Lisa and her hubby and NeNe and her attitude are back!

Don't forget to set your DVRs or TiVos tonight because the previews for this season looked spectacularly trashy. It appears that Sheree and NeNe made peace, while Sheree realized what a backstabbing hobag bitch Kim is and prepares to rip those cheap extensions right off her head! Exactly why people like me watch shows like this.

For reasons currently unknown, (rumored that she was boring - - and we all know on reality t.v. it's a cardinal sin to be boring!) it appears that DeShawn Snow is not returning and has been replaced by some new ho with music connections (because the preview shows Kim once again trying to prove her "worth" by singing). Kim, darling, we heard "Tardy to the Party" last season. I am still trying to recover from that.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Bravo tonight at 10 pm.

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