August 17, 2009

The Cruises Bring the Crazy to Melbourne

Although the summer is almost over (at least here in the States), Katie Holmes has probably had the best summer since attaching herself to that PR disaster known as Tom Cruise. She's been in Melbourne, Australia filming Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - - without that constant height-challenged, man-heel wearing accessory known as her husband.

Never one to stay out of the public eye for long, though, Tommy decided it was high time to rejoin his well-paid wife and alert the media. What do you know, Tommy, Katie and Suri were spotted touring the local aquarium, as well as an AFL match. All fine and dandy for those eleven or so fans who still believe that Tom and Katie have THE! MOST! AMAZING! LOVE! EVAH!

Reportedly, last week the "perfect" pair got into a tiff when Katie felt that Tommy was spending too much time with his fans. Really? How much time can half a dozen or so people take? That's assuming there really are half a dozen people still willing to consider themselves Tom Cruise fans.

Anyhow, I consider Katie as much of a famewhore as her diminutive husband and for her to be ticked because Tommy wants to spend time with fans is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Further, I doubt Katie has backbone enough to stand up to Tommy - - he is signing her checks after all. And anyone who would wear some of the so-called "fashions" Katie has worn recently is obviously lacking in any good and common sense.

Not ones to let grass grow under their feet, Mr. and Mrs. Cruis-azy arranged for a "candid" photo op, showing the "Happy Family" "relaxing" in a local park. Suri looks as though she's sleeping, Katie looks drugged and Tom looks like he's trying out a new exercise routine. Totally normal, people!

By the way, does anyone remember the Happy Family dolls from the 70s/80s? Tom and Katie have about as much chemistry and realism as those dolls. Wait. Actually, less.
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Nikola said...

Okay, the picture on the top was zoomed a little too much.

But overall, I don't see why people are so much against the Cruise family. There's no doubt that Tom is a good actor with amazing movies under his belt, and Katie got great reviews for her Broadway play.