August 4, 2009

Mel Gibson is a Hypocrite

The saga that is Mel Gibson continues to disappoint me.

I used to be a fan back in the day. I never really got into Mad Max but I still recall going to the theater and watching Mrs. Soffel and absolutely getting mooney over those blue eyes. How could you not? Mel Gibson, truthfully, was beautiful (at least physically) then. How could my 16 year old self resist that?

As it often turns out, though, life is very different from fiction. And Mel has continued his trek into Crazy Land very efficiently.

The latest news: that Mel has had his 28 year marriage to Robyn Moore (formerly Gibson) annulled. That's right, annulled. And by none other than his (equally nutty) 90 year old father, Hutton Gibson.

My first thought is not only why would you do such a thing, but what does that say about the plethora of children they have had together? After all, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, if your marriage is annulled, any children born from that (non) union would be illegitimate.

So apparently Mel and Hutton are down with that. Mel claims that his marriage to Robyn wasn't on the up and up because he felt pressured to marry her back in 1980 because she was pregnant. Ummm . . . doesn't that adequately sum up probably a good quarter of the marriages in the world?

I digress. It gets better. Stay with me. So Hutton - - surely the most impartial, fair source - - felt that since poor widdle Mel felt pressured into marrying Robyn, the marriage couldn't be a true one and granted the annulment.

Now single, Mel plans on marrying Oksana Grigorieva by Christmastime. Oh, just to remind you - - Oksana is Mel's 39 year old girlfriend, currently pregnant with his child.

And how exactly is this different from the eventual marriage to Robyn?

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Maddy said...

Once again, the Murdoch media machine will print anything. Even the craziest tabloid story.