August 18, 2009

Reading in This Economy

Ah, the good old days. Before our economy became such a frightening thing and hearing of job losses, business closures and foreclosed homes were routine. Back when a weekly or bi-monthly trip to The Mother Ship (also known as Barnes & Noble) was part of my schedule.

Things of the past. Not just due to the economy but the reality of being married and having a family. A trip to Barnes & Noble now is a rare gem and one that I think heavily on before embarking. What used to be a spur of the moment decision, with at least one impulse buy, if not more, is now a researched journey. As delighted as I am when receiving a gift card to B&N (or even the competition, Borders) I will admit that my mind races ahead to remind myself to think carefully before I purchase - - it's a much larger decision now, when such purchases are a rarity.

I am lucky. I have an incredible library system where I live (one of the very few benefits to living where I currently live!). However, no matter how up to date and well stocked the library is, it certainly doesn't compare to the soothing sounds of the currently playing CD piped throughout the store, or the mentally stimulating aroma of freshly brewed coffee or - - most especially - - the smell of the pages of a brand new book, one where the pages are still crisp and crinkly and the spine gives you an audible crack when you open it. Surely I am not the only book geek who loves the smell of new books?

Anyhow, I was just wondering - - how much has the economy affected you and your book purchases? Have you been forced to patronize the library more so now than before? Or are you a library patron for the first time? Or do you still find ways to purchase your books at your local bookstore, or online?

Do tell!


Christine said...

I love a new book too!!!! But I have limited my new release purchases and have become a fixture at the local second-hand bookstore. It actually has been a treat!!! I also had a post concerning this topic. You can take a look if you wish at

Oh, love the blog by the way!

Jenny said...

I love new books! And the smells too!!
I've been going to the library more. I've also traded soooo many books at in the last couple years that I now have about 300 unread books sitting on my shelves so I can't justify too much new book buying. Doesn't mean I don't do it though, lol!

SariJ said...

I too used to frequent Barns and Noble either in person or online. Every 6 months I picked a pile of books and did not think twice about dropping over $100 or so. Now all that has changed. I have always had a library card but now you will find me in the library every weekend. I buy books from Paperback Swap or not at all. Someday I would like to be able to go into a book store without worry about how much I can spend, but for now the library is my new best friend.

BrownGirl said...

Ahh, yes, I love that new book smell and crispness! I've also gotten into used books. Thanks to BookMooch for easing me into them and now, my fave bookstore to go to is the Goodwill Bookstore. I think they're still relatively new, but are so neat. They're quaint and have tons of books mostly around $2-$3. The library has made its way back into my life, but more so because I'm a homeschooler and I do want to advocate library usage. I still treat myself to a new book occasionally from a local retailer or The Book Depository. They often have books that Amazon doesn't and cheaper AND free shipping on any size order.

Helen said...

Hi there. My book buying has been affected somewhat since I moved back home. I buy stuff from Barnes and Noble that are only on clearance sale. I still buy new released books but not as much as I use to. I can't use the library here since I have to be a six month resident of the state. I started visiting Hastings and my local bookstore in town where they sell second hand books.