September 8, 2009

Review of The Human Handbook by Derek A. Ward

I will admit that I don’t read a great deal of self-help books. No that there is anything wrong with them, necessarily, although it can seem overwhelming in the bookstore, in the self-improvement section, with the shelves bulging to the point of oversaturation. In general, though, when I am choosing what book to read in my spare or downtime, I usually want some form of escapism - - which doesn’t exactly describe a self-improvement or self-help book.

So I didn’t pick up Derek Ward’s The Human Handbook: Unlocking the Power of Thought to Accomplish Your Dreams and Desires thinking it would be pleasurable reading. In fact, I almost looked upon it as a chore or task, I’m afraid to say.

I was wrong - - Mr. Ward’s book turned out to be both an informative and light (in the complimentary sense) read.

In the foreword for the book, Mr. Ward states that “Your life is, and will always be, whatever you choose to believe.”
This, to me, is the essence of this book. We have always heard that the mind is a powerful tool and Mr. Ward amply demonstrates this with his principals of opportunity and abundance. Whether it’s “Mind Your Thoughts” (where thoughts are discussed as things - - whatever you concentrate upon daily will become your reality; you can limit yourself, or free yourself, simply with your thoughts), or being told that “believing is seeing” and that we will not see until we believe, using our body’s response to a dream (in which our mind believes it to be reality) as an example, or achieving your goals, The Human Handbook excels where other books of its genre don’t because it doesn’t overreach or oversell.   It doesn't preach.  It tells the reader what tools to use in daily life that the reader alrealdy has. 

The principles are simply outlined and clearly explained, keeping the chapters short and to the point. The text itself is like sitting down with Mr. Ward over coffee, so easy is the conversation.

I think everyone can find something beneficial in The Human Handbook. As Mr. Ward stated “the most wonderful gift you’ve ever been given is choice”. And the choice to read The Human Handbook is one you should take.   I am glad I did and am proud to say that I am putting to use the tools and suggestions that Mr. Ward's book gave me.  And while I may not see any financial reward (after all, it's only been a few days and I may never see financial reward), the mental and emotional peace of mind I have is priceless. 

Details on The Human Handbook's upcoming book launch, as well as a preview, are available at both The Human Handbook's website as well as at at Mr. Ward's website.

Stay tuned at my blog for future details on the book launch, as well as a future interview with Derek Ward! 


Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review.
I like self-help books.
They're preventive medicine.

Jessica said...

I don't read too many self-help books either, but this one sounds interesting.
Thanks for reviewing. :)

Krista said...

I've never read a self-help book but it sounds interesting. Great review!

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking