September 25, 2009

Upcoming Events

Things have been busy, busy around here and I'm thrilled!

If you check out my sidebars, you will see all the upcoming events - - hopefully with more to come.

Please stay close - - you don't want to miss out!

On Monday, September 28, I have a drawing for 5 copies of Phillip Done's Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind.  It's not too late to enter - - simply click here  and leave me your email address for one entry.  Additional entries can be had by blogging or tweeting about my giveaway, or signing up to become an official follower of my blog. 

I will have a review of Mr. Done's humorous recounting of his 20+ plus years teaching this weekend - - it's a fun read and I promise you won't be disappointed!  You will probably also have more respect for teachers in the process.  I sure did. 

Next Wednesday, September 30, I have an interview with the lovely Donna Lea Simpson, author of Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark, among many others.  (If you haven't already, take a look at my review of Lady Anne here).  Take my word that you don't want to miss this - - Donna is a witty, down to earth lady in addition to an accomplished writer.  Mark your calendars.

On Monday, October 5, I am hosting the blog tour of Breaking the Bank by Yona Zeldis McDonough which will include an author interview, a book review and a giveaway.  Read about Yona and the newly published Breaking the Bank here.  For those of you that love Barbie, or even have a love-hate relationship, you'll want to get to know Yona, who has collaborated with 20+ other authors to put thoughts about Barbie to paper. 

Also on Monday, October 5, I am giving away my own personal copy of Jane Odiwe's Lydia Bennet's Story.  If you haven't read my review, go here.  Jane is a lovely lady with a true Jane Austen affection and it shows in her work.  The cover of her book is beautiful - - as well as art work she herself has done.  You can view for yourself at her website here.  Please click the link here to enter my giveaway. 

And on Thursday, October 29, I am hosting the blog tour of Thunder and Blood, the first novel for Stacey Voss.  I will include a review of the book (which looks like a lot of fun and includes the paranormal elements I just love!) as well as an interview with Stacey herself (who wrote Thunder and Blood while participating in the November National Novel Writing Month).  For more info on Stacey and Thunder and Blood, check out the website here

I also plan on having another giveaway of one of my own personal books soon.  I'll leave you in a bit of suspense about which book but I think it will be well received!

So please stick around and don't miss out on all the upcoming events!


Sarbear said...

YOu have some fun things coming up!

Tales of Whimsy said...

What a fun idea! This is great! :)


you have been working! looking good!