October 28, 2009

Review of "Thunder and Blood" by Stacey Voss

Synopsis: When Sarah Ingram and her sister Christine left Thunder Bay on a chilly November afternoon, they thought that they were going on a weekend getaway, leaving their problems behind. What they didn't realize was that they would end up in a world that was, in many ways, very different from their own, but at the same time eerily familiar. Separated almost at once, the two women found themselves struggling to come to terms with the reality of their situation. How did this world become so different from the one they knew? What secrets were their new 'friends' hiding from them? Was it possible that there could be more to the vampire stories from their own world than simple myth?

I was attracted to this book mainly for two reasons - - the vampire plot and the fabulous cover.   To find that the story was original, addictive and fun was an added bonus. 

First time author Stacey Voss has woven together a mesmerizing story with the gothic and moody atmosphere perfect for Halloween. While the beginning of the synopsis sounds like a generic horror film (couple leaves for a weekend getaway only to encounter an evil they didn’t know existed), Thunder and Blood is anything but.

I liked heroine Sarah immediately. She is like any of us - - mentally and emotionally tired, desperately needing a getaway after a life-changing event. She has recently split from her husband and although she loves Christine, she has always felt inadequate compared to her younger sister’s beauty and sparkling personality.

Christine was likable as well - - an occurrence that doesn’t always happen with a seemingly secondary character who has been stressed to have been blessed with good looks and confidence.

Both sisters seemed real and neither one put herself in the kind of inexplicable and foolish situation that in the past I have found some characters put in and which causes me to want to bang my head repeatedly into a wall.

I was happy that Sarah turned out to have a backbone and even happier the plot unwound in ways that were wholly unexpected.

And let me just say about the plot - - I loved it. Vampire stories are relatively a dime a dozen right now and Stacey Voss has managed to put a new spin on a much-used plot device. I loved the idea of an alternate reality - - or even a time travel portal, depending on what theory you choose to believe.  I loved the descriptions of the castle in Donner, I loved the characters of Hillard and Adelaide and I even loved the evilness of Lord Radick . . . well, to a degree!

Truthfully, the book did start a bit slow with the backstory of the trip and with flashbacks to Sarah’s situation. I didn’t feel as involved in Sarah’s flashbacks but it was possibly because I am impatient and I wanted to get back to the “good” stuff with Donner, vampires and Hillard.   The ending, however, made even the few slow parts well worth the wait.  I felt the ending, like the story as a whole, was unpredictable and it not only left me gasping but anxious to continue the sisters' story.

If you like vampire stories, if you’re a fan of the paranormal, then Thunder and Blood is for you. If you don’t care for either genre, you probably won’t be as excited as I am.

I recommend it for all you paranormal/vampire/gothic fans . . . but be prepared to be frustrated at having to wait for the next book!

To purchase Thunder and Blood, visitor author Stacey Voss' website here, or Amazon

Author Stacey Voss will be here tomorrow, sharing with us her story behind Thunder and Blood, her thoughts about November National Writing Month and what actor she thinks would make a great Hillard.  Stacey will be checking in with the blog throughout the day so feel free to pose any questions you'd like her to answer. 


Kimberly H. said...

I sent Stacey an overly hyper email when I got to the end of the book.
I fell completely for Lord Radek. He reminded me so much of a combination of Lestat and Armand.

Sheila Deeth said...

Great review. Encourages me to read the book, and tells me what I need to know. Thanks.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Fantastic review. I love the cover too. It's simple but compelling. I love the colors.

Lori Johnston said...

Salamandergrey - Lestat is exactly who I was thinking of when reading about Radek! Great minds . . .

Sheila D - if you like vampire stories or stories about the paranormal, I encourage you to give this a read. It's something new and totally fun!

Juju - the cover is very vivid. Definitely stands out and makes you remember it.

Kimberly H. said...


If you guys want a visual taste of her book, I was at her book reading last week and video taped it for my show. I warn you though, my camera was shaky. But her reading was fabulous.

Alyssa Kirk said...

This is so my kind of book. thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Sarbear said...

Thanks for the good review. Such stunning eyes on the cover! I always love a good vampire book.