December 1, 2009

Review: Evolution of a Sad Woman by Gale Laure

Synopsis:  Five very different men - all strangers - are drawn together to solve a murder by an uncommon thread - the love of the same beautiful woman, Kizzy. When she is murdered, they pull their past into their present, their present explodes, and their future is filled with surprise and changed forever!

When police detective Evan Picard, attorney William Newton, cabdriver Jimmy Smithson, former pro-football player turned used car salesman Tom Hastings and Father C.D. Casmiersky are forced together - personalities explode, tensions build and relationships develop. The ending to this chapter of their lives and to Kizzy's murder will have a surprise none of them will ever expect.  (from Amazon)

I liked this book immediately.  It started off with a bang and didn't let up through much of it.  I may be a bit biased because I do enjoy murder mysteries and detective stories and if you do as well, you will probably enjoy reading Evolution of a Sad Woman

The best parts of this story are the five men who come together to solve Kizzy's murder.  Each of them have vastly different backgrounds and personalities and Ms. Laure does the reader a great service by showing through flashbacks exactly how each of them came to know Kizzy and what part each played in her life.  Their frictions and their flaws felt very real, as well as each man's deep desire to find out who killed this lovely lady of their past. 

And despite being the victim in the story, Kizzy is as much a living, breathing character as any of the men who loved her.  She is so well drawn, in fact, that finding out what happened to her and why became as important to me, the reader, as to those five men. 

The plot was very well done, with the requisite red herrings thrown here and there but without feeling forced or cliched.  With a few well thought out twists and turns, Evolution of a Sad Woman will keep you turning the pages, anxious to see where the story will take you and how it will play out. 

Because of the well done character development and finely tuned plot, Evolution of a Sad Woman is more than just your cookie cutter detective story.  Each man has a strong, tangible connection to the victim and so it becomes personal - - and the heart of that personal connection comes through the writing and the telling of the story, making it a strong read.

The downside of Evolution of a Strong Woman?  A few portions of the dialogue felt a bit "written" to me and somewhat forced.  I felt the character or characters in that particular scene didn't sound as natural as they could have, or should have.  

And completely shallow with nothing to do with the overall story - -  but I disliked the cover of the book.    It just didn't move me or grab me and if I had seen this book in the store, I doubt I would have picked it up, judging solely by the cover. 

As an additional note, while I did not have a problem with it, Evolution of a Sad Woman  contains some fairly graphic violence, strong language and a few sexual situations.  It may not be suitable for all readers. 

Overall though, I enjoyed reading the book and I enjoyed Ms. Laure's writing style.  I look forward to her follow-up sequel, which is in the works. 

Evolution of a Sad Woman can be purchased at major booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Author Gale Laure's website is here.

Many thanks to Dorothy Thompson and "Pump Up Your Book Promotions" for the opportunity to review this book.

Review copy provided by the author.

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Gale Laure said...

Good morning, everyone.
If any of you have any questions or comments, I will be here all day!
I am eager for discussion.


Dorothy Thompson said...

Wow, thanks for the great review, Lori! Gale is one of the sweetest persons you'd ever want to meet and I'd like to wish her good luck on the remainder of her virtual book tour and thank you for hosting her today!

Gale Laure said...

Oh, Dorothy, what do I say to convey all that I feel? You have been such a wonderful tour coordinator for my entire virtual tour. It takes a special and patient person to do the coordinator job. You have held my hand the hold way. I appreciate you sooo much!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am glad you enjoyed my book. I must say one more thing. I LOVE the name of your blog. It stirs up something inside of me. Great idea!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review. This sounds very interesting.

Lori Johnston said...

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog - - and for the lovely compliment! My blog name has actually been a nickname for years, after a co-worker gave me a university styled sweatshirt with "Psychotic State" on it. It describes me perfectly some days!
Dorothy is indeed a sweetheart and I love working with her. She makes life for us bloggers so much easier.

I do have a question, Gale. Did you base the 5 men who loved Kizzy on real people you know?
And did you originally envision a sequel when you began writing this?

Many thanks!

Gale Laure said...

Thanks for blogging in. I hope you will take a look at my book. You can read Chapter One at


Gale Laure said...

When I wrote "Evolution" it just popped into my head. I believe a divine presence put it there. The characters were put into my head. I do not know them. I did borrow some traits from actual people. I am a people watcher. I am always gathering.

I did not envision sequels. They popped into my head also. Maybe this means I have popcorn for brains! (laughs)

I hope I answered your questions.


Sheila Deeth said...

I was certainly intrigued by the review. I'm going to head on over to read chapter one. Sounds like you let the characters control the story rather than the other way round - nice.

Anonymous said...

This mystery book review mentions the dislike of your cover. I heard you in an interview on "Street Vibes Radio" and you said the cover had a story. Please retell the story about the cover.

Gale Laure said...

When I write my characters are the story. I hope you like Chapter One.
Thanks for blogging in.


Gale Laure said...

Yes. The cover does have a story. Of course, the eye is Kizzy's eye. The eye is a real person's eye. If you look close it looks like a cut-out. Was Kizzy a cut-out - like a paperdoll - that each man created in his own mind?

Now look at the tears and the blood. It looks cartoon-like - drawn. Is is real? Were Kizzy's tears and the blood she shed real?

Could these be clues revealed in the sequels? Hmmmm . . . .

I think that is the story you heard me speak of in the radio interview.

Thanks for blogging in and following my interviews, posts and reviews on my blog tour and appearances on radio.


mystery book chic said...

I enjoyed the mystery book review of your novel. Considering adding it to my book to read list.

Gale Laure said...

mystery book chic,
You seem to be following me on my tour. I appreciate you showing up and blogging in.

This was a wonderful review. I hope you will add it to your list.


Gale Laure said...

Well it is 9 pm in Texas. I am all blogged out. I had a lot of fun today on Psychotic State. Boy, do I love that name.

I want to thank Lori for the wonderful review and for hosting me today. It was a wonderful experience.

I will see everyone tomorrow - same place, same time, new guest post!

Good night.