February 17, 2010

In Memory of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald

Colette MacDonald 1943-1970
Kimberley MacDonald 1964-1970
Kristen MacDonald 1967-1970

Forty years ago today (February 17, 1970), Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald lost their lives at the hands of Jeffrey MacDonald.  Also lost was the unborn baby boy that Colette was carrying. 

Please take a moment today to think of them. 

For more information about this sad crime, Joe McGinniss' book Fatal Vision is an excellent resource, as well as Christina Masewicz' book Scales of Justice.  Both can be purchased through Amazon by clicking the links. 

For my personal feelings on this case, including my long journey from probably guilty to possibly innocent to absolutely guilty, please read my post here


April said...

How horribly sad. Such a tragedy.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I just read your post from last year. This was a truly horrific crime. I have always believed that he did it. How could a man kill his own children in such a horrible way? He is truly a monster. May Colette, Kristen and Kimberley rest in peace.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I've never heard of this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Lisa said...

I'd completely forgotten about this case. When I started reading, it took me a minute to place the names. I saw the movie and read the book and I'm with you regarding guilt.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many of you are in Criminal Justice, but from the looks of the evidence found and the contaminated crime scene, there wasn't hard evidence showing that Jeffrey in fact killed his family.
If you look at other evidence for example, blond synthetic wig hairs found in a hair brush located in the living room, it matches the description of a lady with a blond wig on.

There are also many errors found in this investigation that was conducted in the 1970's. I honestly think that if you are going to strongly accuse someone, go back and dig up the case and research it before making assumptions that he really did it.


That is the website i looked up to research the whole case. If you read the ENTIRE sections of the case, it will show that Jeffrey could in fact be innocent.

Just a thought I wanted to share so people will understand from a different perspective.

Lori Johnston said...

Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to post.
I do not work in criminal justice, although I do work in law. And for many years, I believed MacDonald was railroaded and at most, didn't get a fair trial, at worst was innocent of the crimes. However, after I read the entire Article 32 transcript, as well as reading every book on the case, I was left with the realization that MacDonald is likely guilty. His story doesn't add up. Yes, the crime scene was contaminated. However, such contamination should make it less likely to point to MacDonald, not more so. If there were a minimum of 4 drugged out hippies on a killing spree in that small apartment, why was there no evidence of such people, other than the alleged wig hair? Why was no blood, other than the speck found on the eyeglasses and the smear on the magazine cover, found in the living room? MacDonald claims he was fighting for his life in there, against 3-4 people who were wielding the club used to murder Colette and Kimberley, and the icepick. If Colette and Kimberley were indeed screaming while MacDonald was attacked, they had obviously already been attacked themselves. So doesn't it stand to reason that these weapons would have their blood on them and such blood, whether it be in drops or in cast off splatters, should have been found in the living room? Yet none was.

How did these same people enter the residence through the back door, go through the master bedroom where Colette was sleeping, walk through the house without waking a single family member, rummage through the kitchen drawers to find the knife and icepick, and then return to the back of the house to attack Colette and the children before attacking MacDonald? It doesn't make sense.

I wish MacDonald was innocent. I really do. But studying the evidence and reading MacDonald's own words from the Article 32 transcript, just weeks after the crimes, as well as studying his behaviors and actions immediately after the murders leaves me no doubt that the right person is in prison.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the long blonde synthetic hair in the hairbrush, Collette was known to wear hair pieces and falls. There are pictures of her wearing them and holding one on Christine Masewicz's website, which is an excellent source of information. Look at the autopsy photos of Colette, Kimberly and little Kristen, if you have the stomach for it and compare those with Macdonald standing there with his injury that required a band aid. How anyone could believe that a young mother and her two little girls were beaten until arms were broken, heads caved in, and stabbed countless times with the knife going in to the hilt, while Macdonald had one tiny injury is beyond me. Oh, lest I forget...the bruise above his eyebrow. C'MON!!!

Unknown said...

As Judge Judy says, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true. His story was too convenient to be true.

Unknown said...

Additionally, I've had the misfortune of seeing family lose their children. His 'need' to startover so quickly is not normal feom what I've witnessed. Not after losing a child. Not to mention two.