February 21, 2010

Must Read Review: Reading With Tequila's review of "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

"Must Read Review" is where I highlight reviews from other bloggers whose posts not only send me to be TBR list but that I consider "must read".

This time I've chosen Jennifer from Reading with Tequila's review of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.  I have owned my own beautiful library bound version of this classic for a handful of years but have never read it.  No excuse really, other than being complacent since I own the copy.  For further insult, I have seen the 1940s film twice and know it's an incredible story. 

One thing I appreciate from Jennifer's review is that while she does commend the book, she is also mentions an aspect of the book she didn't particularly care for. 

Enjoy these little snippets from Jennifer's review:

"He [Dorian] tried to experience everything the world has to offer (a noble pursuit) and finds that life can become pointless without boundaries. . . .

 Dorian's friend, Harry, is the absolute shining star of this novel . . .

The one thing I disliked about The Picture of Dorian Gray was that it seemed like the most interesting pieces of the story were missing. Oscar Wilde was very vague about exactly why Dorian actually did in the years he spent corrupting his soul."

For the full review, go HERE

Thank you, Jennifer, for that insightful and inspiring review. 

Did anyone else come across a must read review this past week?