April 4, 2010

Help Get Buckley's Story Into Stores Nationwide

Congratulations to author Ingrid King,whose heartwarming and touching memoir Buckley's Story, has been featured in Barnes & Noble's Rising Star Special Collection.  This recognition isn't just an honor but may also open the doors for Buckley's Story to be nationally distributed at Barnes & Noble.

As a fan of both Buckley's Story and Ingrid King, I encourage you to send a message to Barnes & Noble that Buckley's Story deserves a place on the shelf of each and every Barnes & Noble.  How to do this?  Simple!  During the month of April click on the link above, going to the Rising Star Special Collection, and click on the link for Buckley's Story

To read my review of Buckley's Story, go HERE.  To visit author Ingrid King's website, go HERE.

Good luck, Ingrid, on getting Buckley's Story into stores nationwide and readers, let's do our part to support an independently published author! 


Sheila Deeth said...

What a gorgeous cover. I'm going to click on all your links.

Tales of Whimsy said...

On my way :)