April 21, 2010

Review of "Recollections of Rosings" by Rebecca Ann Collins

Synopsis:  A disaster at Rosings unearths long-hidden secrets . . .

Sisters Catherine Harrison and Becky Tate, daughters of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins, have very different personalities and temperaments. Both grew up in the shadow of Rosings Park, domain of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, but as adults their paths diverged dramatically.

When a catastrophe at Rosings Park brings Becky back to visit her sister, the two clash about their aspirations for the marriage of Catherine’s young daughter, and both women are forced to confront the ghosts of the past—in particular, Lady Catherine’s cruelty and deception.

As the shocking truth emerges, the Darcy and Bingley families rally. But it may be too late for the sisters to find the love and happiness they were denied so long ago

Recollections of Rosings is the eighth book in Rebecca Ann Collins' The Pemberley Chronicles series.  This series has long been on my To Be Read list and despite owning the first two books in the series, I have yet to be able to read them.  So while I was excited at the prospect of reading a book in this series, I was also hesitant about beginning with the eighth installment. 

As a Pride and Prejudice devotee, and with the help of the list of characters provided in the book and by the publisher, I had no problem keeping up with the characters (those established by Jane Austen and those created by Rebecca Ann Collins) and the storyline. 

While my beloved Darcy and Lizzy made brief appearances here, I did come to like very much Catherine Collins Harrison and her lively daughter Liliane.  Again, not having read the previous books, I did feel that Catherine was very much like her mother, Charlotte Lucas Collins, and fortunately not like her namesake, Lady Catherine deBurgh! 

I found the contrast between Catherine and younger sister Becky to be an interesting one, as Becky is not only more outgoing and outspoken than her sister but also much more fond of city life and living in town rather than the country. The two sisters, while very divergent personalities, still share a close and loving relationship that is both positive and inspiring. 

The cruelty by Lady Catherine, alluded to in the synopsis, is just that and frankly, would we expect any less from a character you love to hate?  It's a wonderful plot point and I fell in love with the result (without giving away too much!) 

I think the best part of Recollections of Rosings was the heart of the story that remained true to Jane Austen's original vision.   True Pride and Prejudice fans will happily soak up this story, following the lives of much loved characters.  Despite a somewhat slow start, I did find myself immersed with Catherine, Liliane, Becky and the Darcys and the Bingleys in Kent. 

My only complaint with Recollections of Rosings would be the aforementioned somewhat slow start.  I fear that impatient readers may not give Recollections of Rosings a chance but it is well worth the time.

Recollections of Rosings is available for purchase now at major booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

For further information on Recollections of Rosings and The Pemberley Chronicles series, visit author Rebecca Ann Collins' webpage HERE

Review copy of this book provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Fab review dear! I love the cover.

Alexa Adams said...

Thanks for this review. Having read all the books of this series that are available in the US so far, I have to echo your comment about it not being for impatient readers. Especially the first two books. I would be very curious to read your opinion on those, once you get around to them.

Lesa said...

Thanks for the review! P&P is one of my beloved rereads! I haven't read this series-- I must remedy that soon-- my TBR pile is turning into Mt. Everest!

I like that you said Lady Catherine is a character we love to hate--- I do so get a kick out of her in P&P.

I put her and Mr. Collins on my Top Ten Picks: Fictional Characters-- That is a meme hosted at Random Ramblings.

Guess not many would put Lady Cat or Mr. Collins on a fave list but if you want to check out why I did here is the url: http://baja-greenawalts-cozybooknook.blogspot.com/2010/04/top-ten-picks-fictional-characters.html