July 21, 2010

Missing in Action (But Still Reading!)

My apologies for being missing in action around the book blogosphere lately.  We are in the final (painful) stretches before the movers show up to pack up our lives and send us on our way.  I am still reading - - and thank goodness for that, because I do believe it's one of the few things keeping me relatively sane right now - - but haven't had as much time to post my reviews and updates.  They are coming though! 

Stay tuned for my review of the lovely Cocoa Latte machine I received from CSN Stores, as well as Wendy Holden's Farm Fatale, Carl Gottlieb's The Jaws Log, Molly Harper's And One Last Thing and my first audiobook review - - Tess Gerritsen's The Mephisto Club!

In the meantime, enjoy the kitten versus the watermelon.


Tales of Whimsy said...

I've missed ya!

I'm in that stage too :(
So I feel ya :)

Our pod gets delivered Friday!

Meredith said...

Good luck with your move! Hope everything goes well!

Senator said...

Lori, you are a riot! Can't wait for the reviews!

My sympathies on the moving bit, but at least you'll be able to read in your new place soon! Yippie!