July 22, 2010

Product Review: Back to Basics Cocoa Latte Machine

Thanks to Jason at the CSN Stores I had the opportunity to receive and review this fantastic little appliance.  As a longtime hot cocoa drinker and lover, I couldn't wait to fire this little gem up.  And trust me when I tell you the Back to Basics Cocoa Latte Machine is indeed a little gem.

Sleek, smooth and shiny, the Cocoa Latte Machine isn't going to dazzle you with a lot of buttons or functions but it will win your affection with its efficiency and excellent product.  Even for the most electronics/appliance challenged individual, the Cocoa Latte Machine is a breeze to operate and clean.  Simply pour your ingrediants into the cannister, lock the lid on and turn the machine on.  That's it.  The machine will not only mix the ingrediants thoroughly but will heat up your beverage to a perfect 180 degrees.  As if that is not enough for those of us who are generally too impatient to stand over a stove (and thereby end up with a burnt pot or pan), the machine will shut off once the optimum temperature is reached and will restart if the temperature should drop.  The cannister can be lifted off the base and drinks poured directly from it, or you may use the dispensing tap located on the front of the machine.  There is also a "froth" feature for those thicker drinks, providing a nice frothy top. 

The Cocoa Latte Machine also came with 30+ recipes included in the product handbook.  Having tried several of the recipes, I can assure that each one was rich and satisfying. 

The only possible negative of the Cocoa Latte Machine is that it isn't a Bosch so don't expect the machine to do its wonderful work in silence.  It does sound somewhat like a muted blender but I didn't find the noise at all distracting. 

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who enjoys hot beverages, whether they be cocoa, coffee or tea, virgin or alcoholic.  It takes only minutes to make the drinks and only minutes to clean and store.  It's an attractive appliance in appearance and in price.

Visit CSN Stores to order your own Back to Basics Cocoa Latte Machine, or to browse through their more than 200 stores. 

This product provided by CSN Stores in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the product affect the outcome of my review.


Tales of Whimsy said...

O it's a cutie!

Senator said...

mmm hot cocoa! Raspberries and whipped cream with that anyone? Anyone?

Lauren L said...

I can't wait to get mine! Vanilla lattes every morning... mmm.