December 11, 2010

Book Review: Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta

Book Description:  Law of Attraction introduces Anna Curtis, a newly-minted prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. The young woman has already developed thick skin to deal with the brutality she encounters with her daily stack of domestic violence cases. Yet when Laprea Johnson walks into Anna’s life—battered by her boyfriend on the morning after Valentine’s Day—there’s something about this particular case that Anna can’t quite shake, something that reminds the prosecutor of her own troubled past.

At the trial, Laprea makes a last-minute reversal, lying on the witness stand to exonerate her boyfriend. Shortly after he’s freed, Anna is horrified to hear that Laprea’s body has been found in a trash heap—and Anna’s own boyfriend, public defender Nick Wagner, is representing the accused. Torn between bringing the killer to justice and being with the man she loves, Anna makes a series of choices that jeopardize her career, her relationships, and her very life as she uncovers the shocking truth behind the murder.

Law of Attraction is federal prosecutor Allison Leotta's first novel and boy, am I glad I had the opportunity to read it.

I love legal thrillers.  Call it a perk or a side effect from my day job, take your pick.  My fondness for this genre, as well as my own professional background, leads me to be very demanding (and somewhat snobbish) of these types of books.  I want realism without being dry, I want an exciting plot without being overly fictionalized and I want to be lost in the story.  Ms. Leotta delivers mightily, with Law of Attraction bearing strong literary resemblance to John Grisham, Cody McFadyen and Joseph Finder (huge props from this reader) and yet firmly standing on her own as well. 

I was drawn into Anna's story from page one.  The comparisons between the fictional Anna and Ms. Leotta herself are many, leaving me to believe that since I particularly liked Anna I would like Ms. Leotta as well.  Anna is a strong heroine, without being overbearing, and with her flaws, leading her to make decisions that put her in jeopardy without being contrived or with Anna coming off as dimwitted.  Rather, Anna is a well-rounded and very likable character that you not only want to root for, you do. 

The supporting characters in Law of Attraction are just as well written and fully formed, from defense attorney hottie Nick to serious fellow prosecutor Jack to victim Laprea and her abusive boyfriend D'Marco.  Rarely are the victims well fleshed out but Ms. Leotta makes Laprea more than just a body and that only improves the book.   Furthermore, Law of Attraction, despite the subject matter, isn't crawling with a cast of characters.  Ms. Leotta keeps the roster relatively short and tight, leaving the reader an easy path to follow and the benefit of knowing the characters thoroughly. 

Ms. Leotta's background as a prosecutor and her knowledge of law shows clearly throughout Law of Attraction.    I found the writing to be riveting, the dialogue realistic and with incredibly descriptive detail.  I not only couldn't put this book down, I didn't want to.  Law of Attraction is a page turner that will keep you up until the wee hours, fighting off sleep in order to finish it (and then leaving you disappointed that you have turned the final page).  The ending left me hopeful that perhaps future books about this particular cast of characters will follow. 

Law of Attraction is a masterful debut novel that left me surprised, shocked, entertained and, most importantly of all, very satisfied.  I would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow readers and will be looking forward to future works by the talented Allison Leotta.

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