May 26, 2011

Book Review: FINAL VECTOR by Allen Leverone

BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Air traffic controller Nick Jensen's life is in a shambles. His wife Lisa has died following a horrific automobile wreck and the authorities suspect foul play. He finds evidence suggesting Lisa, a Pentagon auditor, had discovered potentially treasonous material on a fellow employee's computer, a man who also winds up dead.

Desperate to escape the pain, Nick throws himself into his work and is on duty at the radar ATC facility serving Boston's Logan Airport on the night U.S. President Robert Cartwright is scheduled to fly into Boston. Armed terrorists storm the facility, killing the security staff and taking Nick's fellow controller hostage as he works.

Nick escapes capture, but with time running out, must use the information from his murdered wife to unravel the terrorists' plot and stop an assassination while outnumbered, unarmed and on the run...

If I could only use five words to review Allen Leverone's Final Vector, I would choose "edge of your seat suspense".  Fortunately, I can be as expansive as I like and I can tell you that not only does Final Vector keep you on pins and needles, it's an exciting joy ride of thrills and very well written, to boot. 

Final Vector grabs you from page one, locks you in its literary jaws and doesn't let go.  The overall plot is a thrilling, if simple, one - - terrorists plan to shoot down Air Force One with the President aboard.    Of course, no plan runs totally smoothly and this one is no exception. 

Given this very nail biting scenario, it's a bit surprising that the President himself is not the book's central character but Mr. Leverone did an absolutely fantastic job with his character development, from the everyday hero, Nick, to the soulless leader of the terrorist group, Tony along with a helathy smattering of characters in between.  So well defined was Nick that my heart pounded in anticipation and fear for him, a nice little feat by Mr. Leverone, given that I could only visualize Nick in my mind as I turned the page.  I felt hi jumble of emotions, his grief, his anger and his surge of energy.  Talk about an adrenaline rush, book-style!

The only weak aspect to Final Vector, in my opinion, was the young female FBI agent with an eye toward Nick.  I didn't feel as connected to her and the attraction between the two felt a bit rushed and pushy, especially given what happened to his wife within a very short timespan. 

That fact notwithstanding, Final Vector was an utterly satisfying read, one that I sped through and I simply didn't want to put down until the nerveracking ending.  It will well suit the adventure fan, as wel as thriller fans and fans of espionage.  If Hollywood is listening, Final Vector has summer blockbuster written all over it. 

I won't hesitate to recommend Final Vector to any and all and I look forward with great anticipation to author Allen Leverone's next effort.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Now that one sounds intriguing! My husband would enjoy it.

Lori Johnston said...

If your husband enjoys a good adventurous thriller, I think he would like this book. Thanks for stopping by, Diane!