June 18, 2011


Welcome to another installment of Summer Read Saturday, where we share a good summer beach read with other readers. Please join in by commenting on this post or sharing your own Summer Read Saturday post by using the link below. Grab the button above or on the left sidebar to share.

Here is what I am sharing from my beach bag this week:


BOOK DESCRIPTION:  It was a case of tender, loving murder.

The four children had perfect lives. They lived in a golden family filled with happiness. But their father dies suddenly, their mother throws themselves on the mercy of her parents - who had disowned her long ago.  

Their mother promised they would stay only long enough to inherit the fortune. But gradually she forgot how much she adored her family. Kept hidden in the airless attic, the children now lived alone except for fleeting visits from their mother. Visits that became increasing infrequent... and increasily deadly...

Flowers in the Attic: the compelling story of a family's betrayal and heartbreak, love and revenge.

I originally reviewed Flowers in the Attic here so I won't rehash every point.  But let me just say that Flowers  is an absolutely perfect beach read.  There is love, there is hate, there is sex, there is violence, there is death, there is survival and, of course, completely, totally illicit love. 

This is the first book that I ever became utterly obsessed with.  It started a series that culminated in five books, spawned an awful movie and had teenaged girls running to the bookstores in record numbers.  It also started a remarkable career for V. C. Andrews. 

What Stephenie Meyers is for this generation of teens with her Twilight saga, V. C. Andrews was for teen girls in the 80s.  Flowers is no literary masterpiece so don't pick up the book expecting to expand your literary horizons - - it's good old fashioned addictive and slightly smutty reading with some of the most memorable characters put to paper.  In fact, while writing this I can still recall the torrent of emotions I felt at fourteen, reading of Cathy's pain and torment. 

So go ahead and grab Flowers - - but be prepared to pick up Petals on the Wind (the sequel and second book in the series) at the same time because once you visit Cathy and Chris and the entire family, you will be craving more. 

If you'd like to add Flowers in the Attic to your library, please shop at my Amazon store here.

What is your summer read for this week?

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