June 12, 2011

WEEKEND WRAP UP: June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday!  I hope this past week went well for everyone.  I am recuperating from a respiratory infection and laryngitis, plus my husband comes home this week, so my posts may be a bit spotty for the next seven days.  But I encourage everyone to stop by on Tuesday, June 14, when I welcome author Matt Dunn to Psychotic State Book Reviews. 

This was my book week:

On Monday, I posted my Mailbox Monday for the prior week.

On Wednesday, I posted my review of Bianca Turetsky's The Time Traveling Fashionista

On Thursday, author Belinda Roberts stopped by to answer a few questions about her wickedly funny Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard.

On Saturday, I posted my pick for the week's Summer Read Saturday

How did your book week go? 

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Love the dancing chicas!

Get well soon :)