July 9, 2011


Welcome to another installment of Summer Read Saturday, where we share a good summer beach read with other readers. Please join in by commenting on this post or sharing your own Summer Read Saturday post below. Grab the button above or on the left sidebar to share.

Here is what I am sharing from my beach bag this week:


BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Hercule Poirot is perhaps Agatha Christie's most interesting and endearing character; short, round, and slightly comical, Poirot has a razor-sharp mind and puts unlimited trust in his "little grey cells." Those little cells come through for him every time, enabling Poirot to solve some of the most baffling mysteries ever conceived. In Death on the Nile, Poirot, on vacation in Africa, meets the rich, beautiful Linnet Doyle and her new husband, Simon. As usual, all is not as it seems between the newlyweds, and when Linnet is found murdered, Poirot must sort through a boatload of suspects to find the killer before he (or she) strikes again . . .

Let's face it - - choosing an Agatha Christie book is a bit of a cheat because you generally can't go wrong with a book by Ms. Christie.  Why did I choose Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile is one of my absolute favorite Christie reads - - it features the sly Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, a wonderful array of characters and the mystery is suspensful and very satisfying.  Murder victim Linnet Doyle is not wholly sympathetic; she has enemies that would enjoy seeing her dead, making the list of potential suspects a lengthy one.  In short, Death on the Nile is a classic Christie.

Dame Agatha is a good fit for all readers in that there is no objectionable language, no sex and, given that her mysteries revolve around murders, the books go very light on the violence.   It's a fascinating look at criminal detection pre-CSI, folks. 

As an added bonus, the 1978 movie featuring Peter Ustinov as Poirot, along with Bette Davis, Maggie Smith and Mia Farrow, is a feast.  The 1930s style fashions are to die for (literally!) and the stable of acting talent is impressive. 

I recommend pulling out the book poolside, enjoying an afternoon with Poirot and Christie, and then curling up that evening with a big bowl of popcorn or chips and seeing how well the 1978 movie follows the book (and, if you're me, fantasizing about those luscious gowns ladies of the 1930s got to wear). 

If you'd like to add Death on the Nile to your library, please shop at my Amazon store here.

What is your summer read for this week? 


Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I haven't read the book...shame on me...but I love the movie. And I love Poirot. I just watched The Halloween Party on Masterpiece Mystery and it was really good. David Suchet is a great Poirot, in my opinion.

Lori Johnston said...

I will always be partial to Peter Ustinov because he was the first Poirot I saw but David Suchet does do a good job.
Will have to see The Halloween Party, I'm sure it's fantastic.
Thanks for posting, Michelle!