September 3, 2011

Author Interview: LAURA CALDWELL

It is my pleasure to welcome Laura Caldwell, author of the recently released Claim of Innocence, to Psychotic State Book Reviews today to discuss her new release and what books are on her nightstand right now!

Hi Laura, welcome to Psychotic State!  Describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.
LC:  In Claim of Innocence, Izzy and her best friend ,Maggie, defend a woman charged with poisoning her own best friend.  

What inspired you to write Claim of Innocence?

LC:  I'm admit I'm sort of marrying my real life with my fictional life in Claim of Innocence. My character, Izzy McNeil, is a redheaded Chicagoan who worked as a civil lawyer most of her career but has fallen into the world of criminal defense. That comes pretty close to my life. I used to be a civil lawyer, defending doctors who were sued. I never thought I'd be working with exonerees. I feel incredibly fortunate.  

 What are you currently reading?

LC:  I always read about 18 things at once. A current sampling: Straight Man by Richard Russo, The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by my friend, Marcus Sakey, Your Voice in My Head by Emma Forrest, The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritson, and Bloodsworth by Tim Junkin, which is about my friend, an exoneree, Kirk Bloodsworth.  

Who is your favorite heroine?

LC:  That’s easy. Izzy McNeil.  

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published authors?

LC:  Get in a writing group—it can be as informal as two other people with whom you meet twice a month. The act of having your work reviewed and also making a commitment to getting a certain amount finished over the next month can produce a great amount of work and teach a lot.

Thank you so much, Laura, for stopping by.  Best of luck with Claim of Innocence!  

For more information on author Laura Caldwell, please visit her website.

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Forbidden relationships are the most tempting. And the most dangerous.

It was a crime of passion–or so the police say. Valerie Solara has been charged with poisoning her best friend. The prosecution claims she's always been secretly attracted to Amanda's husband…and with Amanda gone, she planned to make her move.

Attorney Izzy McNeil left the legal world a year ago, but a friend's request pulls her into the murder trial. Izzy knows how passion can turn your life upside down. She thought she had it once with her ex–fiance, Sam. Now she wonders if that's all she has in common with her criminally gorgeous, younger boyfriend, Theo.

It's Izzy's job to present the facts that will exonerate her client–whether or not she's innocent. But when she suspects Valerie is hiding something, she begins investigating–and uncovers a web of secret passions and dark motives, where seemingly innocent relationships can prove poisonous…


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