October 5, 2011


We are basically at the halfway point for The Frightful Fall Readathon.  How are you doing?

I am still reading The Association by Bentley Little and geting creeped out!  Hooray!  Isn't that the point?  I am hoping to finish up The Association tomorrow, if the literary gods are with me.  As to which book I will pick up next, I may do a case of "eeny meeny miney mo".  We shall see.  

The Readathon's Mini Challenge #1 was posted yesterday and the challenge was to post the scariest image you could find via Google or some other search engine.  While I was tempted to post a picture of Tom Cruise trying to be Jack Reacher (come on, that's pretty darn scary if not the WORST. CASTING. EVER) I decided to go with this one:

The Exorcist scares the absolute bejeebus out of me - - everything about it.  That includes the music that plays on my own site right now.  So much so that I mute the sound or skip it to go to something a little lighter, like Donovan or Michael Jackson.

Happy reading!

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