November 12, 2011

October Readathon: WINNERS!

At long last, I have the winners for the October Readathon, THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT.  I apologize for the delay.

Because I had a relatively small turnout with some "repeat offenders" (and many thanks to you!) I put all the bloggers'/reviewers' names in a list and let Randomizer select them in order of 1 through 8.  Winner 1 will get her choice of book from the list of available books, then we will go to Winner 2 who can choose from the remaining books and so forth.  Without further ado, the following are the winners in order: 

1.  Petra @ Hazel the Witch
2.  Lovely Lit
3.  Nikki at Close Encounters
4.  Sweet Marie83
5.  Teresa @ Read All Over Reviews
6.  Joy Renee
7.  Cassandra @ Book and Movie Dimension
8.  Michelle @ Castle Macabre

Congratulations!!  Ladies, please click here to view the post with the listing of books.  I will email Petra first and once she selects her book, I will then contact Lovely Lit and so on.  

A big THANK YOU to all who visited my blog and entered this giveaway. I do appreciate each one of you taking the time to visit and post here. I hope you all will stick around for future giveaways, reviews and interviews. 

Compliments to for selecting the lucky winners.

Happy reading!

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