January 26, 2012

Book Review: PRINCESS OF PARK AVENUE by Daniella Brodsky

BOOK DESCRIPTION:  You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but can you take Brooklyn out of the girl?

Lorraine Machuchi has held on tight to her Brooklyn home, and to Tommy, the neighborhood guy she's been pining over for years.  But the very guy she tossed everything away for just told her he'll never wind up with her - - a girl who's not going anywhere.  

That's the kick in the pants she needs to cross the bridge to Manhattan, where she starts coloring hair at a swank salon.  There she meets a new and fascinating species:  The Park Avenue Princess.  Sure, their $400 cashmere sweaters, charity balls for poor girls with small boobs, and "sexy" yoga are a bit over the top for someone like Lorraine, but sometimes even a Brooklyn girl can learn to love her own inner princess.

My Review
The above synopsis reads like a great little chick lit book, the premise sounds fun and the cover is great, isn't it?  I wanted to like Princess of Park Avenue and I can't say I disliked it but something just didn't click for me and it left me with mixed feelings.  

I found myself reading quickly through parts, as well as having to reread certain sections, because the book seemed to feel a bit lethargic.  There were sections that left me questioning why they were included as they seemed to slow the pace down.  

Being horribly anal about spelling and grammatical errors, the copy of Princess of Park Avenue  I received made me distracted and, at times, I was busier noticing the errors rather than investing myself into the book.

I had a hard time connecting with Lorraine and considering that, it's the likeliest reason that the book just didn't do it for me.  Perhaps if I had been able to relate to Lorraine, the typos would not have bothered me so much.  

I didn't care for Tommy and it left me puzzled that Lorraine would devout so much of her life to him - - 20 years!  While we have all had our "Mr. Wrongs" I was frustrated that a woman over thirty was pining after a man who made it so clear that he would never give her what she wanted.  And while, happily, Mr. Right did show up I wanted Lorraine to realize it much sooner than she did.

I did like Lorraine's relationship with her friend Chrissy - - it was nice to read of a friendship laced with somewhat derogatory nicknames meant affectionately, and two friends who had been such for a long time.  The Bobbsey Twins, indeed.

I also really enjoyed reading of Lorraine's Park Avenue apartment - - I would just love to have such incredible, borrowed digs!  Even with the impossibly big Pooh-Pooh!

And I have to give Princess of Park Avenue originality points for the e-Bay style introductions to each chapter, with items from Lorraine's past up for sale.  Each item somehow tied in to what happened in the chapter.  It was a cute idea and did make me smile.

So although Princess of Park Avenue wasn't my cup of tea it may be an enjoyable read for you. 

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Samantha said...

I too thought the eBay sections at the beginning chapters were a great idea !

Lori Johnston said...

I love discovering creative new ideas like the eBay sections!