February 27, 2012

Book Review: RECESSION PROOF by Kimberly S. Lin

BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Sometimes going after what you want is the hardest thing you will ever do . . . 

Meet Helen.  Smart, successful and obliviously trapped.  For the past six years, Helen has given her life and her heart to her cushy corporate finance job and to Mark without question.  However, as the recession sweeps the nation, she is one of many left unemployed and with the burning question of what she really wants in life.  

Recession Proof is a debut novel for anyone that has settled in their career and relationship but has discovered that what really maters in life is living it. 

My Review

"When it's love, you just know."  So says the smart and savvy Helen within the pages of Recession Proof.  When it's fun and humorous, you know too and Recession Proof is nothing short of a fun and entertaining read.  

Light as meringue on top of a literary delicacy, this book and its irrepressible heroine struck me as an Americanized Bridget Jones, although decidedly less obsessed with weight and cigarettes.   She does, however, worry over her professional future and worry over her love life.  In this regard, Helen is Every Woman.  Or should I say, Every Woman Facing Down Thirty, Unmarried and Unemployed.  I felt a kinship to Helen; I was once thirty and unmarried (and sadly, some people seem oddly obsessed with why you are unmarried and when you are getting married) and I was once unemployed myself after being laid off.  Helen's fears were real - - her fear of being in a relationship and not being in a relationship; her fear of continuing on the professional path she was on and not doing what her heart really wanted to do.  

Helen was real, the type of character that you could imagine kicking back with and enjoying a coffee or a margarita.  Author Kimberly Lin writes Helen as sassy and straightforward, with a deadpan sense of humor that had me alternately giggling out loud and making a mental note to remember some of her comebacks in the future.  

I loved Helen's relationships - - her tense relationship with stepsister, Jamie; her by-the-book relationship with boyfriend Mark; her enduring relationship with glamorous Sophie; her fear at telling her father that her interests and her passion lies in writing and not finance; and the handsome and exciting Nate, who shares her affection for writing.  Each of these relationships were so vital to the central theme of the book; even the "smaller" relationships, such as Helen's co-worker Justin and her boss Gary, were so well highlighted and sketched out and added additional dimension to Helen's character.  

Have I mentioned how much I loved Helen?  Really, she was just a delightful character to share a book with.  

Recession Proof is a timely subject, given the recession and our economy's current state.  The topic may hit home for a lot of people; hopefully for those that it does, Helen's journey will also provide a positive impact.  She does have her "woe is me" moment but life comes along and gives her a swift kick where and when she needs it.  

Recession Proof is a great chick lit book and ticks all the boxes.  If you're looking for a lighter read, something for vacation or during travel, I think you will find this is the answer.  Be forewarned, however, that there are sexual situations and language that some might find objectionable.  I absolutely enjoyed reading this book - - Ms. Lin's debut - - and I was left happy and upbeat with Helen's story.  I look forward to Ms. Lin's next work! 

Recession Proof is available for purchase now at major booksellers, including Amazon.  I am an Amazon affiliate.   If you make a purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission.  

Review copy of this book provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.  In no way did the provision of this book affect the outcome of my review.

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About the Author

Kimberly S. Lin, a California native, graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Economics.  After college, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a financial writer and hedge fund analyst but always dreamed of becoming a women's fiction author.  

Utilizing her experiences, she writes stories that are witty, heartwarming and relatable to the modern woman.  

She now resides in Orange County, California and is working on her second novel.  She is also the co-founder and publisher of Minted Magazine, a digital career and lifestyle magazine empowering women.

For more information on Kimberly, please visit her website, Facebook page, Twitter page and Minted Magazine's webpage.  

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xo Amanda said...

"Author Kimberly Lin writes Helen as sassy and straightforward, with a deadpan sense of humor that had me alternately giggling out loud and making a mental note to remember some of her comebacks in the future."

I agree!! I felt the same way while reading Recession Proof!

Thanks for being a part of Kimberly's tour! I loved reading your review : )