September 12, 2012

Changes Coming!

I've decided it's time to overhaul my site and Lori with Imagination Designs is working with me to bring my vision to light.  See a portfolio of Lori's designs here.

I need your opinions!  Right now my site has more of a classic 1930s Hollywood theme - - which I love - - but it doesn't necessarily go with the name Psychotic State.  I'd like something that is more cohesive with my name, while still linking up with the types of books I typically read and review.  Therein lies the problem.  I have a very eclectic library and taste in books.  I read a lot of Jane Austen variations, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and chick lit with some true crime thrown in.  See my dilemma? 

I am debating taking the site in a more Victorian gothic way but without being dark.  No goth whatsoever.  I don't want anyone to think I only read and review "dark" books.  Think Victorian gaslamps, London street scene, fog, clocks . . . but in a whimsical way.  If you click on Lori's portfolio above, see "Scribble City Central" or "Starting the Next Chapter" for examples.

On the other side, I have considered having a girl across the header (supposed to be me, I guess!) that is "locked up" by books in some way.  My uncle suggested an asylum theme, given my site name and while I don't want to have an actual asylum, maybe having someone surrounded by books or "locked up" by books.   Obviously this theme would be lighter and brighter and maybe not so genre specific.  See "Coffee Books & Me" in Lori's portfolio as an example. 

This is where I need your help.  Any and all opinions are welcome.  Let me know what you think of my two suggestions.  Which do you like?  If you don't care for either, please say.  If you have a better idea, please share.  Any suggestions I use, I will gratefully give a shoutout to you on my reveal day. 

Thank you so much - - and please comment with those opinions.


Anonymous said...

Of the three you indicated, I'm really partial to "Starting the Next Chapter."

The owls in the banner and the lantern indicated to me someone who couldn't put a book down no matter the hour. I liked that :)I also thought it blended a bit better with the name of your blog.

Very exciting getting new digs and cool that you asked others for opinions. What a fun time for you!

Lori Johnston said...

Thank you for posting, maeclair!

I do like Scribble City and Starting the Next Chapter the best. I like headers that tell a story so they speak to me.

I am also debating having a few "flying" books with open pages - - maybe with a Jane Austen/Regency reference or something along those lines to try and tie that time period in.

So many decisions!

Thanks again for stopping by!

MelinaMason said...

I think the Victorian, with no dark goth, would be nice since you do some Jane Austen and Historicals. check out my blog at Thanks

dollycas aka Lori said...

So much fun but mind boggling too! I like all of these designs. The lamp posts, and the dark shaded headers. Easy to see someone chained up with books but the Scribble City is a desk and I don't know where the girl would go. Looks like a fantastic designer I am sure she will be able to bring all your thoughts together. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Lori Johnston said...

Hi MelinaMason,
Thanks for stopping by.
I am definitely partial to the Victorian - - I love that era and I love gothic themed books (in addition to my Jane Austen variations).
I will definitely check out your site!

Lori Johnston said...

Hi Lori,
It IS fun by it IS mindboggling, isn't it?
I love the lampposts so I definitely want those in. I also love the idea of time travel and thought a neat vintage watch or timepiece might be cool. As well as a plume pen and perhaps an inkwell?
Regarding Scribble City, she can tweak the design quite a bit so the desk doesn't have to be present.

I can't wait to see what she (also a Lori!) comes up with as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Not much help, I know, but I'm liking both ideas! I guess if I had to choose, the second idea sounds quite intriguing! Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished product. =O)