November 5, 2012

Interview with Irene Helenowski

Today I am pleased to welcome Irene Helenowski, author of the newly released Order of the Dimensions, and Anton Zelov and Jane Kremowski, both central characters in Order of the Dimensions, to Psychotic State Book Reviews. 

Hi Irene, Anton and Jane, welcome to Psychotic State Book Reviews!  Irene has a busy professional life, Jane has a busy family life and Anton is busy trying to achieve world domination  so thank you for taking the time to chat with me and my readers.

Let’s talk about Order of the Dimensions for a moment.  Irene, this is your first book.  What inspired you to write it? 
I have become fascinated with the multiverse theory after watching  Science channel and PBS specials on it with Drs. Michio Kaku and Clifford Johnson and started wondering what it would be like to have different life experiences in different dimensions.

Are you a science  fiction fan?  What is it about science  fiction and/or time travel that interests you?
I always wondered if we could live different lives in different dimensions.  I also enjoyed reading works from Isaac Asimov and Michael Crichton and, for a while, I must admit that I was a trekkie, being introduced to Star Trek by my brothers.  Although, I’ve never really gotten into L. Ron Hubbard – sorry, Tom Cruise ;)  (Note from Lori:  It's a good thing to not have something in common with Tom Cruise in my book - - no pun intended.)

Fantasy casting: Ginnifer Goodwin as Jane
Who was your favorite character to write and why?
Jane:  I wouldn’t say I’m her favorite character, but I think that Irene really liked writing my daughter, Amy.  She can just be so sweet and funny and how could you not love her?

Anton:  Yes, I love her like a daughter too!
Jane [sighs]:  Anton, come on, we’ve been through this.

Irene, how much of yourself did you put into individual characters of Order of the Dimensions?
I guess I can see myself a bit in each character.

You elected to self-publish Order of the Dimensions.  A lot of authors, both established and first-time, are choosing the self-published route.  How was your experience?  Any helpful tips that you could give a writer thinking along that path?
I must admit that it is a very difficult process, especially finding people who are willing to review or promote indie books.  But it is rewarding if you do find someone who is interested in and likes your work.  I know it sounds corny, but I say follow your heart and have fun with it ;)

Fantasy casting: Mem Ferda as Anton
Anton,  you were very dedicated to being in certain times and places with Jane.  Some may even say that you were obsessed.  Care to shed some light on that?
Well, look at her!  She’s young, beautiful, intelligent – the perfect trophy wife for any power hungry despot bent on world domination.

Besides Jane, can you tell us about other interests you may have, Anton? 
Weightlifting [starts flexing his arms], hunting, opera -- all intelligent supervillains love opera, don’t they?

Jane, you appear throughout the book as different versions of yourself, living different lives.  Which did you like best?  
I really liked the dimension where I just started my graduate studies in physics and Randy was living his dream as a seaplane pilot.  Then, someone came and ruined it all [side-eyes Anton].

Anton, what led you to become an organized leader? 
As a spy, I have met and worked with some of the most powerful and ruthless dictators out there and been exposed to the most unimaginable riches that they had.  And then one day, I thought to myself,  “I can do that!  Why am I working for all these wealthy and powerful tyrants, when I can be a wealthy and powerful tyrant myself!”

Given the current state of our country’s economy and the political environment, what advice would you give our president and presidential hopeful?
Anton:  Their campaigning is futile; the Order will come into power and *I* will be its President!!

Jane, you went through quite a few trials during Order of the Dimensions.  What three items would you say no girl should be without?  
A good education, supportive friends, and a fashionable flash drive containing a copy of the master algorithm for the Multiverser, of course.

Irene, if you could travel to another dimension, what would you choose?  Tell us where you would be and what you’d be doing.
Hmmm . . . I’m pretty content with what I’m doing and where I am now, but I wouldn’t mind being situated in a dimension where I could live in Florida or Hawaii, as I really like the beach.

Irene, what is the best advice you can give to a struggling writer?
Just don’t give up and try to have fun; your passion should be something that you really love doing!

Jane: Yeah, that’s how I feel about physics!
Irene:  As do I about biostatistics as well as about writing.  So I must say that I’m lucky that being a statistician is my day job ;)

Anton, what advice would you give to the lovestruck?
If someone does not reciprocate your feelings, just keep looking for a dimension where they do!

And let’s do some  quickfire random questions for all three of you . . .
If I could switch places  with any person for one day it would be . . .

Irene: Huh, maybe a real life physicist/cosmologist, just to see what they really do.
Jane: That’s a tough one.  Living or dead?  If you mean anyone in history, I would say Marie Curie.  Of course, she was my role model,  being Polish and a woman, which made it all the more special that she was the first person in history to receive two Nobel prizes!

Anton:  No one!  I am perfect after all!  Well . . . perhaps Randy, just to see what he has that I apparently do not.
The strangest item in my possession is . . .

Irene:  Oh gosh . . . well, I had one of those foam cheeseheads that I got while going to school in Madison, but I think I gave it away at a Christmas goofy gift exchange :P
Jane:  An armillary sphere, similar to the one Copernicus had.  It has special meaning because Randy got it for me on our first anniversary <3 o:p="o:p">

Anton:  I cannot tell you, without killing you.  Even my good friend and ex-KGB colleague Vlad [Putin] does not know about it.

The book currently on my nightstand is . . .

Irene:  Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
Jane:  Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku

Anton:  Dictatorship for Dummies

If I was a candy I would be . . .
Irene:  Gummy Bears – like the ones people can buy at theaters when they go see the movie that will be based on my book ;)

Jane:  Milky Way (the chocolate, not the galaxy) 
Anton:  I too was thinking of chocolate, probably the Lindt truffles which were my weakness when I was on my first assignment in Zurich. See, Jane, we have more in common than you think!

[Jane rolls her eyes]

The one talent I wish I had was . . .
Irene:  I wish I could sing, but I'm completely tone-deaf.  I'm actually worse than Katie Holmes!  (Note from Lori:  No one is worse than Katie Holmes.)

Jane: I wish I could calculate several calibrations in my head, like my advisors Eric Monroe and Gina Perkins can.  They are just brilliant with figuring out the necessary models to be inputted in the Multiverser in a matter of seconds and that can be very crucial in a dangerous situation.
Anton:  And what, pray tell, situation are you referring to?  Anyway, I wish I could be more ruthless.  I am actually quite a softie when it comes to children and small animals, but unfortunately, I have noticed that this trait can interfere with my schemes.

One thing most people don’t know about me is . . .
Irene:  I sometimes watch the Kardashians when I'm really, really bored [hangs head in shame].

Jane:  Okay, so I  might have had a small crush on Anton at some point [also hangs head in shame].
Anton: Really?  [grinning shyly]  Well, for me, I guess it would be that I was a total Momma's boy.  Wait . . . that also makes me look like a softie.  Drats!

Irene, why should readers choose Order of the Dimensions over another sci-fi book?
I wouldn't tell anyone to choose my book over any other book.  There are a lot of good science fiction works about parallel universes out there.  But I think that my book would make an interesting read in that it allows the reader to experience the possibilities of different adventures.  There is also some romance, obviously, and some comic relief so I would like to think that there is something in there for everyone to enjoy.

What does the future hold for Irene Helenowski?  

I am working on a sequel but do not know when it will be ready to be published

And lastly, Irene, what one word do you think best describes Order of the Dimensions?
Multi-dimensional :)

Thank you, Irene, Anton and Jane.  So happy you could join us and best of luck for all of you with Order of the Dimensions!  

For more information on Order of the Dimensions, please visit the official Facebook page.   Order of the Dimensions is available for purchase at Amazon and Lulu.  I am an Amazon affiliate.  If you make a purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission. 

My review of Order of the Dimensions coming this week at Psychotic State Book Reviews! 

UPDATED:  To read my review of Order of the Dimensions, please go here



Anonymous said...

Thank so much, Lori! I love it :)

Lori Johnston said...

Thank you, Irene! I'm happy that you, Anton and Jane could stop by!

Unknown said...

It was either Elementary School or Junior High when I first read science fiction. I am 59 years old now. Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein were my favorites.

My teacher embarrassed me because I was the only one who raised my hand in the classroom. It took me a couple of time to catch on. Then I was embarrassed and did not raise my hand the next time.

He asked the class if they read Heinlein and Asimov. In my excitement, proud of fact, even the teacher enjoyed science fiction, and why not the other students in the class? He said Asimov and Heinlein were mathematicians. They wrote science fiction for fun.

I could not wait for science fiction would come to the big screen. As a computer programmer I new it could come any day! I don’t think I saw a concept that has not been discussed in science fiction. Now many concepts discussed in the classroom, but they call them facts, science not science fiction.

Enjoy your writings and I wish you many book sales!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Chaplain. Always good to hear that there are science fiction fans out there and hope that you also enjoy this book (and the movie, if one is ever really made - LOL ;)