January 14, 2013

Guest Post: Qualities of a Good Writer You Must Be Aware Of by Aaron Henry

Qualities Of A Good Writer That You Must Be Aware Of

Becoming a good writer takes a great deal of time and effort. It is a profession where the scope of one's work may change everyday, and is awfully far from a job in front of a desk. Topics change regularly and it is up to each individual writer to make sure he/she is mentally prepared to address whatever topic they are writing on, and its most important aspects. Apart from constantly changing topics, there are many other obstacles that a writer must be prepared for, such as mental blocks, distractions, and different writing styles. If you're wondering if you have what it takes to make it as a writer, here are the qualities you should aim to develop over your career.

Passion beats skill. Passion drives an individual to learn and master something that interests him/her, which in this case is writing. A writer must be willing to learn every different writing style out there and research his/her topics to the ends of the earth, in order to construct the best possible article, blog, story or novel. Trying to write great text without passion is similar to breathing under water. It is simply impossible. Sure, you can generate a good enough text that gets accepted or read, but no one will write home about it. If you stick to that approach, your career as a writer may never improve.

Attention to Detail
A good writer is grammatically well-versed and will have a keen eye for detail. This means that editing and proofreading his/her article several times will come naturally, hopefully even enjoyably. It's never a good idea to just submit a first draft of anything, whether it's 5 sentences of 5 pages. If you can't handle meticulously reviewing every piece of work you produce, writing may not be for you.

Deadline Much?
If you are writing for money rather than hobby, you are likely writing for clients. And in most cases, clients implement deadlines on their ordered assignments. A good writer never misses his/her deadline. Deadlines have a purpose and failure to meet one can and will lead to more headaches for your editors and employers. In other words, tardiness and poor time management will affect a lot of people above and beyond you - a good writer will take this responsibility seriously.

Writers need to be open minded in order to work on topics that exceed their familiarity. Freelance writers are often exposed to different employers and topics throughout their careers. One day you may be writing about green energy and the next day you may be writing for escort services. You have to be open minded, creative and able to pick up new skills on a daily basis in order tp construct meaningful and valuable content for your clients.

Thick Skin
You have to understand right here and now that you will always have haters.There is no way everyone will love your work. Clients will turn you down, critique your work, perhaps even fire you. That's ok - you have to bounce back, and improve. If this sounds unbearable, then you're likely not a true writer.

Becoming a good writer is not an overnight or month-long process. It will take months and even years to accomplish the stature similar to that of great writers. Despite the hardships and obstacles you'll face along the way, it will be rewarded greatly with more work opportunities and better per-word pay.

Aaron Henry writes about his career as a blogger, writer & teacher. His most recent work helps his readers find the best degrees for creative people.

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