July 30, 2014

Worst Breakup Ever Contest ~ ALMOST ROYALTY by Courtney Hamilton


Courtney Hamilton is giving away a signed copy of her novel, Almost Royalty, to the top 2 winners! To enter, all you have to do is tell her:

What is your “Worst Breakup Ever” experience?

Share your story in the comment section below.

After the contest has ended, Courtney will personally read every participant’s entry and pick the top 2 worst breakup stories. The winners will be announced through Courtney’s Facebook page, Twitter, and blog. This contest will also be hosted on various blogs, social media sites, and forums found in the “Participating Websites” section of this post.

Only 99¢

Enjoy the “Worst Break up Ever” contest and, for the first time, download your Kindle copy of Almost Royalty by Courtney Hamilton for only 99¢!
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Terms and Conditions for Entry Eligibility
No purchase necessary to enter. Sponsored by Forrest Thompson Publishers. Giveaway ends August 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PST). Open Internationally. 18+ years of age. Void where prohibited. Winners will be announced on Courtney Hamilton’s blog at www.Ecochainofdating.com/blog, Eco-chain of Dating Facebook Page, and @ecochaindating. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize once they are chosen, or their winnings will be forfeited. By entering the giveaway, you give Courtney Hamilton and Forrest Thompson Publishers permission to repost your story or recite it in a video for media purposes. Forrest Thompson Publishers reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.

Participating Websites: The full list of participants in Courtney’s “Worst Breakup Ever” Contest is available on her blog at: http://ecochainofdating.com/blog/?p=1579

Let the Worst Breakup Stories Ever begin!


What is my worst breakup story?  Hmmmm . . . let's just admit all breakups pretty much suck.  And sometimes the relationships themselves were actually worse than the breakup.  But I'd have to say being told I was perfect on paper and yet one-on-one . . . not so much.  And then to add insult to injury, being compared to a top of the line Mercedes (I was not the Mercedes in this scenario).  But hey, at least I haven't been broken up with via a Post-It!


lovenpeace said...

My worst breakup story would have to be from about 6 years ago. I was dating this guy who was a year older than me. We met in a high school and were friends for about a year before we started dating. We were really just friends though (I actually thought he was interested in guys!). So anyway after a year or so things became different and we started dating (he was very much into girls haha). We dated for about 3 years....Our relationship was over course more than perfect in the beginning and had some rough spots throughout. But then things started getting strange. There had been at least one time in the three years where he left himself signed onto aim on my computer and some girl was messaging him and me being 17 at the time pretended to be him, finding out this chick didn't even know he had a gf! So after that I had some trust issues, 2 or 3 years later we had been driving back to my house and his phone was in my lap and I see a text from this girl who I wasn't very fond of but he was "friends with her for a long time", my behind! He hadn't talked to this girl in years and now out of no where she's texting you. Well needless to say within a week he was in my room breaking up with me. I was a mess, tried locking him in my bedroom, pushing him, trying to force him to talk to me, crying and shrieking like a bat. Well he left, and what do you know, damn social media strikes again! When my friend is over trying to console me I see a post go up on the internet that he was with this chick at a bar right down the road from my house 45 minutes after he left! Are you kidding me?! He dumps me and immediately leaves to go hang out with this girl!! He continued to try to talk to me too saying that it wasn't like that that they were just friends. For weeks he kept calling me, texting me, messaging me, any way he could. Meanwhile he was still hanging out with this girl and I was ignoring me. You can't have your cake and eat it too sir! The best part was that obviously this girl didn't trust him either! One day her friend saw him driving and decided to follow him when she saw him turning into my neighborhood when he was supposed to be on his way to her house! The best part was that after I slammed the door in his face she came driving by the house while he was doing the walk of shame back to his car and dumped him right in the middle of the street! Talk about a double whammy!! Not the worst break up story but it was my worst, and its honestly a little funnier now all this time later! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I think from all the bad ones in my family I've become a little more guarded. And haven't let anyone get even close to hurting me....

WinglessMaka said...

My worst break up happened just six days ago... And I'm still upset, I have to say (I just can't stay mad/feel sad for too long, fortunatly). And well, I think the worst break up is always by text, more precisely in four lines where he told me "Sorry, I just have too many doubts and don't feel like I can overcome the thought of my ex".

You were with me vut you were always thinking about your freaking ex? Are you kidding? And you tell me that out of the blue (we were cuddling and kissing just five hours before)? Shocking is to say the least.
I'm still waiting for him to show up and tell me these things face to face. Damnit ;-------;

Danielle Annett said...

I dont really have any..atleast not tramatic ones. I dates in HS and then only had 1 serious relationship after that before meeting my now fiances so I suppose my previous breakup could be my worst since it was more of a relationship and we'd dated for 2yrs but we left on good terms so no real drama there lol...im boring

~Jennifer~ said...

My worst breakup story is when my boyfriend at the time told me he was gay and I didn't believe him. I thought he was lying to me to try to not hurt me as much or something. I was so in love with him and didn't want us to break up. He got married a couple years after we broke up and is now divorced. He is gay, and I was the first person he had told all those years ago. He wasn't lying.