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Description:  Considered by many to be the most beautiful woman of her generation, Sharon Tate remains a fascinating pop icon and a poster child for the 1960s. What struck most about Sharon was her gentle nature and the sheer perfection of her face, but she was far more than just a beauty. The few films she made during her brief career, including Valley of the Dolls, Eye of the Devil, and The Fearless Vampire Killers, have secured her position as a Hollywood legend. Over forty years since her last film, Sharon’s spirit and charisma lives strong in the memories of those who knew her best, and her style continues to inspire the worlds of fashion, beauty, art, and film.

Sharon Tate: Recollection is a one-of-a-kind celebration of Sharon’s life and career, her influence as a fashion icon throughout the world, and in effect presents a sociological portrait of the 1960s—its youth culture, the sexual revolution, the rise of independent cinema, and Hollywood's changing studio system. In this impressive photo book, Sharon Tate’s story emerges through quotes and short essays—recollections—by her sister, Debra Tate, as well as by those who knew and have been influenced by her.

What emerges from these pages is a stunning tribute to an unforgettable life.

Highlights include:

A foreword note by Sharon's husband Roman Polanski.

An introduction and remembrances by Sharon's sister Debra Tate.

Previously unseen childhood photos from the Tate family album.

Original quotes and recollection essays written specially for this book by Jane Fonda, Kelly Osbourne, Bert Stern, Michelle Phillips, Patty Duke, Lee Grant, Elke Sommer, Joan Collins, Viva, Tony Scotti and Trina Turk.

Retrospective quotes by Truman Capote, Diana Vreeland, Richard Avedon, Dominick Dunne, Warren Beatty, Mia Farrow, Orson Welles, Barbara Parkins, George Harrison, David Niven, Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner and Kirk Douglas.

Rare and classic photographs by David Bailey, Milton Greene, Philippe Halsman, Shahrokh Hatami, Terry O'Neill, Peter Basch, John Engstead, Peter Br├╝chmann, Neal Barr and Jean Jacques Bugat.

Never-before-seen or published images of Sharon in the classic film Valley of the Dolls, digitally reproduced from their original negatives and transparencies specially for this book by the 20th Century Fox Archive.

My Thoughts on Sharon Tate: Recollection by Debra Tate

"She was adoring and adored." - Michelle Phillips
Since picking up Helter Skelter, the first true crime book I ever read, I have had a fascination with actress Sharon Tate.  I'm sorry to admit that it started because of her horrible death but as I began to read more and more about her life - - slim pickings for many years - - and then watch her small collection of movies on cable and then as they became available on DVD, I became a fan of hers.

Sharon Tate may not have been the best actress (although she died before her full potential could ever be known) but this gorgeous woman touched so many people during her all too brief lifetime.  Never have I read anything about her being mean, rude or in the slightest bit cruel . . . quite a feat for someone working and residing in Hollywood.  Maybe you can write off the glowing memories in the immediate years after her death but with forty-five years having gone by today, the compliments and warmth remain.

Sharon's sole surviving immediate family member, younger sister Debra, chose to release a book with a plethora of personal family photos, publicity stills and casual shots celebrating her sister's life.  As Debra herself said "Sharon lived a magnificent life" and these beautiful pictures attest to that.  Sharon, rather than being presented as a victim, is instead showcased as both a fashion icon ahead of her time and a young woman devoted to her family and friends.  Viewing these photos I was struck by how little they are dated and how Sharon could easily be gracing magazine pages and fashion today.  They are absolutely stunning.

My favorite photo of Sharon with a beautiful quote by Yul Brynner
Debra has included backstory on many of the photographs, as well as personal recollections of her sister by co-workers and friends.  Sharon's widower, Roman Polanski, wrote the foreword as well as text for various other photographs throughout the book and despite what your personal feelings on Polanski may be, his words are touching, heartfelt and affectionate.  I loved reading the various memories and insight about Sharon, feeling it did nothing but help to cement her lifetime achievements.  Perhaps best of all were Sharon's own words, accompanying some of the picture, on everything from her career to beauty to her co-stars.

I commend Debra for creating this beautiful book, a fine addition to any library and a must-have for any Sharon Tate fan.   This book is exactly what it should be - - a celebration of an exquisite woman's life and the legacy that Sharon Tate so richly deserves.  If you're a fan of hers, or want to honor her on this sad anniversary, pick up your copy today.


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FTC Disclosure:  This book is from my own personal collection and was purchased by me.  I was neither paid nor compensated (ha ha) for this review.

January 24, 1943 - August 9, 1969

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